Why We Love Jennifer Aniston

Five years after the Friends finale, we still want Jen to be our BFF.
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Her Look
Jennifer is undeniably beautiful, but hers is a beauty that we find aspirational rather than threatening. Sure, she’s pretty, but she’s not perfect … well, except maybe her hair – her hair is pretty perfect. Men find her hot, but we don’t hate her because of it; and she doesn’t appear to spend too much time trying to be something she’s not

Jennifer Aniston

She recently told Hello magazine: “I don’t think a lot about my physical appearance. It is what it is and I can’t control it. I pay attention to the extent that I put on clothes today, I decided which shoes to wear with them and I even combed my hair!”

Her look feels somewhat attainable. If only we lost those last 10 pounds (OK, maybe 20); if only we saved up the money for some really great highlights … she’s not that much of a stretch for us. Whereas someone like Angelina Jolie … well, frankly all the Botox in the world isn’t going to get us even close. Just look at Octomom.

Her Love Life
Speaking of Angie … Jen lost her man – arguably the most beautiful man in the world – to the stunning vixen and got her heart broken while we all watched. Then she has to sit back and watch the dynamic duo, beatified by the entire world, as they go trouncing hand-in-hand around the world adopting a small army of children.

Can you even imagine seeing pictures of your ex with his new family plastered everywhere you turn?

That’s the thing, we can imagine. We well up with her, remembering all the Angelinas out there who stole our Brads. We want to give her advice, to set her up with our brother, to scream at her to STOP! when she goes anywhere near the likes of John Mayer … or Vince Vaughn – remember that fiasco?

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