Why We Love Men with Accents

They're sexy, charming - and all they did was say hello. What is it about guys with foreign accents that makes us swoon?
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couple kissingMaya agrees. When recalling her relationship with an Israeli man in her early 20s, she says there was definitely an “air of sophistication and mystery the accent imparted: Where has he been? Where is he going? And will he take me?”

“I still melt when he calls me ‘darling,’” says Maureen, a New York-based nursing manager, referring to her boyfriend of three years, Malcolm, who’s originally from London.

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The problem? Everyone finds his accent alluring. “Women of all ages – from mid-20s to late-60s – get giddy around him,” says Maureen, with a laugh. “For example, we went shopping the other day and he wound up with three sales clerks around him, giggling and chatting. They even gave him hugs and kisses goodbye!”

But the Brits have nothing on the Italians, as Tricia, a special education director from Hampton Bays, NY, is quick to point out. “The subtle inflections of his voice are so strong, confident and sexy,” she says about her husband of eight years, Beppe, a native of Capri. But it’s not just how he speaks or what he says. “The cultural nuances that European men grow up with, the fact that they really ‘get’ how to cherish a woman…well, that coupled with their accents, makes them simply irresistible,” she says.

If a man with an accent is on your “must-have” list, Peachy says that joining a site like ILoveYourAccent.com can’t hurt – and it may even open up some doors. “If you’ve been hitting those same two little bars for the last few years, hoping to meet someone exciting and nothing’s happening, it’s time to shake things up,” she says. “If it doesn’t work out, then you can always go back to the bar and eat chicken wings.”

Tell us: Do you have a thing for foreign guys? What’s your favorite accent?

Maureen Dempsey is a freelance writer based in New York City – which means the paychecks she works so diligently to earn are spent all too quickly in the gazillion clothing stores within a 10-block radius of her apartment. She owns too many black dresses.

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18 thoughts on “Why We Love Men with Accents

  1. FBNYC says:

    Ugh, I love accents! When I was traveling abroad in Europe, I loved hearing all the different types–I think it definitely has to do with sounding exotic, sophisticated and unfamiliar.

  2. citymouse says:

    What about the seriously charming Irish accent?! These guys may be full of blarney, but I’ve always had a weakness for a heavy Irish brogue…

  3. uptowngirl says:

    I can’t get enough of my man’s accent!

  4. Asha777 says:

    Anytime I go to Europe, I am surprised by how many men I feel attracted to. The environment and the unfamiliarity of situation must have a lot to do with it. Whatever it is, it is thrilling. Love the accents! (ones I can understand thought.. ;) )

  5. jessica03 says:

    seriously! men with accent are hotttt!

  6. Blanquita says:

    My boyfriend is Latino and I die over his accent! All of my family and friends fell in love with him right away because something about the way he speaks makes him so endearing.

  7. Marisa5454 says:

    Italian and British accents all the way!

  8. Punkberryrox says:

    The Brits have the best accents ever; all of the U.K. have awesome accents. They jsut sound so sophisticated. Spanish accents are hot too, though. Brits are the coolest like Ben Barnes, William Moseley, Rupert Grint and ORLANDO BLOOM! : )

  9. festivelady826 says:

    OMG – I ADORE men with European accents! Any of them – French, British, Spanish, Italian. And I also agree it has something to do with the sensual mannerisms they display. You just KNOW they are going to love and cherish you because they always speak of women (especially their mothers!)in glowing terms!!! They love MY Texas accent, also!

  10. Severina says:

    Man with German accents, there is just something wild and completely masculine when a German guy speaks English. Makes you think very naughty things…

  11. tnksmom says:

    I’m a sucker for Aussie and Irish. Man..I just can’t help it!

  12. supervixen says:

    love ‘em my bbf is from nepal and i could listen to him talk all day

  13. amguesa21 says:

    NYC based http://www.OnSpeedDating.Com hosts a “Men With Accents Are HOT” Speed Dating event that is super fun! Here is a link to CNN covering the event.

    OnSpeedDating.Com “Men With Accents Are HOT”

  14. DebiLynne says:

    Love men with French accents. I dated a man from the Dominican Republic…….so sexy with that Caribbean Latino accent!

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  18. Julia says:

    I’d like to attempt to explain the fact that many women like men with foreign accents from the perception point of view. First of all, a man speaking with an accent is perceived as having a child-like quality of not being fully articulate; hence, just as a child, such man is perceived as less threatening and more pliable, i.e. capable of being adjusted to meet the needs of the female, as well as more easily influenced and controlled than a man with a strong linguistic ability.
    Secondly, females are wired by nature to seek the healthiest possible male to select as a mate in order to produce an offspring with better chances of survival. Health depends on the genetic composition of individuals. Although perhaps not yet proven by evidentiary science, I would hypothesize that it is possible that females can summarily perceive genetic composition of a male based on his phenotype coupled with his behavioural and linguistic ability; so, a male with a foreign accent is perceived as one who bears a wider genetic pool and a better choice for mating.
    By the way, this explains not only women’s preference for men with foreign accents but also the rapidly increasing numbers of men marrying women of foreign origin.

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