"Why I Dread Feb" (first)

28 ways to banish the February doldrums

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“Why I Dread Feb”

…and what I plan to do about it this year

-Melina Gerosa Bellows

Melina Gerosa BellowsI’ve always hated February, and I always will. While the rest of the months each have their charms, February has no redeeming qualities, not to mention a Napoleonic complex. The light deprivation, the icky weather, Mother Nature at her crudest–she’s clearly pissed at February, too–the whole scene makes me S.A.D. Despite the lightbox on my desk, and a membership at a hot-yoga studio, this year I need a Survival Plan. Here are this week’s ways to cope.

1. Find Inspiration: Take poet Mary Oliver’s advice to ‘Let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.’ Combat this month’s blahs by turning within to sybaritic pleasures. If it feels good, do it.
2. Flower Therapy: Tulips, pink stargazer lilies, cheerful daffodils. Every week treat yourself to a colorful bunch of fresh flowers. Buy them right before the weekend for maximum enjoyment.
3. Blazing Fires. Seat yourself before a blazing hearth and watch the flames Riverdance.
4. Red wine. Let’s face it; a goblet of big Cab or bold Shiraz does not have the same appeal in the sweltering heat of August. (Note: Perfect complement to suggestion 2.)
5. Cozy, flannel pajamas. In Feb., not for night time only.
6. Have a Spa Day at your gym. Try something new, like a t’ai chi class or a different cardio machine. Then use the sauna and steam rooms and take your time doing the perfect blow-dry.
7. Retail Therapy. Go to the Gap (or H &M) and buy brightly colored long sleeve cotton t-shirts. Layer them. See how many days you can go without wearing black or gray or anything blah.

8. Make yourself a truffled grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup for lunch. (Truffle cheese is available at Whole Foods, Costco or your fave gourmet market.)

Be sure to check Melina’s column next Monday for beat-the-blahs tips for Week Two…

Melina Gerosa Bellows is a best-selling author and a leading magazine editor. She is a columnist-blogger for BettyConfidential.com.

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0 thoughts on “"Why I Dread Feb" (first)

  1. Another thing to dislike about February: Valentine’s Day. I say this, and I’m married and usually get flowers, but it’s a lonely day for anyone who doesn’t have a “Valentine.” Leave it to Hallmark to make single people feel bad about themselves. And if you’re attached, there’s this pressure to come up with something creative and usually expensive, to please your significant other. Ugh. I think Valentine’s Day should be for the kids.

  2. The only thing I like about February is that my grandfather’s birthday is on the 5th. (luvs my granddad) I never liked V-Day, though. In or out of a relationship, I was always anti-Valentines Day. And the only thing worth remembering anything about the commercialized holiday is the actual story behind it. But really, I do hate the weather. By the end of winter, I’m always miserable. I’m definitely a spring gal. But this year, it’s going to be worse. Because of the *ugh* economy. Guess I’m going to have to take an extended raincheck on most of those things.

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