Why Do They Run Away from Love?

this woman wonders why men run away from love and into the arms of other women



Running Away from Love

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: Do guys that have had past relationships full of cheating and mistrust have a hard time accepting a relationship that is full of honest love? Do they run from that? And when they run, why do they automatically run right to another girl who is just as much of a cheater/liar as the previous ones when right in front of them are girls that love them more than anything? And why do they refuse to talk to girls who love them so much? These issues have come up for me with a man I am seeing.

Steven: Never under estimate the stupidity of a man. Who knows why this man you’re referencing is that way. Maybe he likes drama. Maybe he has self-esteem issues. Who knows and who really cares. He obviously doesn’t appreciate and truly value what you have to offer. So don’t waste one more second of your life. Move on and find someone that will appreciate and love you the way you deserve to be appreciated and loved.

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