Why is He Acting This Way?

A woman asks why the man she has been talking to is suddenly dropping her.


Why is He Being Like This?

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I met this guy eight months ago. I am a widow, own my own home, car, and am doing well. I met someone who lives far away, and whom IM’ed me constantly. After three months, he said he thinks he loves me, and he wants to be exclusive. I didn’t know what to think. He lives with his mother and his sister, has a steady job, and goes to school after work. I’m back in college and have two kids, and I don’t work right now.

Last weekend I was supposed to visit him, but I had to stay home because of the kids. He didn’t want to visit me, though, because he had school. I got upset, and he said he would come visit me on Saturday. That morning, he called and said he was sick (which I don’t believe), so we didn’t end up seeing each other. He never talks about us as an item or uses the word “we.” Am I in love with a selfish loser?

Avery: It sounds like you’ve gotten yourself involved with someone who you don’t really know and he obviously has some things going on himself since he lives with his mother and sister. It sounds like with the responsibilities that you have, your best bet is to cut this relationship off and date someone who lives where you do. By doing that, you have a good chance of developing a REAL relationship where you can interact in a more “normal” way, instead of dealing with things online and hoping for weekend get-togethers.

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