Why Maternity Leave is Disappearing

Why more mothers are bringing their babies to work over taking maternity leave.


Saying Buh-Bye to Maternity Leave

More moms are bringing baby to work

-Megan Southwick

mother working while holding babyAccording to a recent article in the New York Times, more and more women are opting out of extended maternity leaves and are simply bringing their infants to work.

Think about it – how many times have you been in a situation where you are the only one who can do your job? You can’t call in sick, much less take a month off to care for a new baby! So, what’s the next best thing? Set up the Pack-n-Play in a corner of your office and put those multi-tasking skills to good use.

And companies are agreeing to the move, largely because it means THEY don’t lose any money by having to pay for maternity leave – or lost production hours.

There are advantages for the mommies, too – they are able to breastfeed (hooray for not having to pump as often!) and don’t lose valuable bonding time with their infants.

However, the disadvantages are also clear. With a newborn at the office, Mom can’t be 100 percent focused on her job, or her child. The hustle and bustle and noise of children at work can prove disruptive to the office environment as well – especially once the inevitable wailing starts. And, once a child is mobile, they can cause even more problems and distractions.

Many companies have solved this issue by creating an age limit for their children at work policy – only babies under 6 months are allowed at work. Some companies have gone so far as to limit the amount of time babies are allowed in the office – say, three days a week, as opposed to every day.

As someone who has worked in offices where babies were both welcomed and banned, I can see both sides of the coin. The crying of needy babies was certainly distracting, but my mommy coworkers were MUCH happier to have their children close by, and that made up for the wailing.

What do you think about bringing babies to the office?

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  1. I have worked with/for someone who brought their baby to work. I must say it was a little strange and pretty distracting especially when she breastfed her baby during one of our meetings.

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