Will Laura Bush Spill the Beans?

Laura Bush is all set to start writing her memoirs.

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Will Laura Bush Tell All?

The first lady has a deal to write her memoirs

-Myrna Blyth

Laura BushLaura Bush has made a book deal. She had agreed to write a memoir of her life for Scribner, a division of Simon & Schuster. It will be published in 2010 and though no financial details have been revealed, it’s probable the First Lady has received a seven-figure advance. In the release announcing the deal, Laura Bush said she looked forward to working with the publisher “as I tell the stories of the extraordinary events and people I’ve met in my life, particularly during my years in the White House.”

Like many American women, I am a fan of Laura Bush. I find her gracious, attractive, intelligent and a very appealing First Lady. I have had the opportunity to meet her several times. I once, with a group of other women editors, was invited to have lunch with her at the White House in the State Dining Room. Yes, we were all impressed by the elegant surroundings but also with Mrs. Bush who was surprisingly knowledgeable about trendy off-beat art publication as well as down-to-earth describing the rug she found for the Crawford ranch. She is also very pretty with a curvy figure, a great complexion and hair so thick you could lose a pencil in it!

I also interviewed her a couple of times and she was always thoughtful and sensible. I had read that she once felt totally content, working in her garden, after her twin daughters were born. I asked her if she was as content in the White House. She said she felt privileged to meet so many interesting people and have so many opportunities as First Lady. But I don’t think she will have trouble stepping out of the spotlight, having time to read the books she loves and now write one of her own.

I also attended an engagement party for Jenna Bush giving by friends of the Bush’s in New York. It was a very relaxed, informal party, filled with Jenna’s friends and just a few, shall we say, more mature types. All the young girls looked great in short, bare dresses while the older women were very covered up in pant suits. Mrs. Bush, another friend and I all commented on this. Afterwards the friend said, “I never thought growing up in a small town in Texas, I would ever end up discussing under arm flab with America’s First Lady!”

Last time I saw Mrs. Bush was at Michael’s the favorite lunch place for New York’s publishing crowd. Now I realize she was talking with editors about her book. I hope it will be a best seller. I think Laura Bush has a lot to say about loyalty, keeping calm under stress, dealing with a strong-minded mother-in-law and supporting someone you love in the very toughest of times.

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