Will She Ever Trust Me Again?

A woman asks whether or not she should bother trying to heal a broken friendship.

What Would Debbie Do?

Is There Any Hope?

Dear Debbie,

I slept with my best friend’s ex fiancé. We stopped talking for a while after it happened and slowly began communicating again, but obvious it’s difficult. Is there any hope for reviving this lost friendship or should I just let it go?

Dear Hope,

Hmm…this is a tough one.

I know we can say on principle that this man no longer “belonged” to your best friend, as they broke up their engagement. Nonetheless, I think you know that you crossed the “girlfriend” line by sleeping with him. So while your communication has begun again, clearly, your friend can not trust you. And a friendship (or relationship, for that matter) without trust, is nothing at all.

I think your friendship has been injured. It’s not to say that it’s broken, but I think you should accept this predicament and chalk it up to experience.

That’s what I would do….


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