Winter Hair Survival Guide

Tips for how to beat the season's biggest hair issues and weather winter beautifully.
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Winter Hair

We know we have to pamper our skin when it gets colder, but we forget that our hair needs extra TLC, too. Dryness, flakes and static are the biggest hair woes, but rest assured there are products and styling tips that can guarantee good hair days. We reached out to dermatologist Marta Rendon and Hollywood stylist Ryan Trygstad for advice on how beat this season’s most common hair problems.

Problem: Dryness
Blame it on artificial heat. It’s not just the heat from your styling tools; it’s also the heat that’s pumped into homes and offices on a daily basis. The drying effects of central heating can really wreak havoc on hair — but a little extra moisture goes a long way. According to Dr. Rendon, “The change in weather combined with heaters can damage the external part of the hair, making it dry, brittle and frizzy-looking.”

The onslaught of holiday parties can do a number on your tresses as well. Trygstad warns that extra styling means more wear and tear on your hair. “Try to take care of your hair by using products that protect it from heat, and try not to overdo it.” Shield your hair by limiting heat-styling to just a few times a week. Instead of more frequent washing and blow-drying, grab a dry shampoo and brush it through your hair. This simple step can prevent additional damage to your mane.

Now’s the time to treat your tresses with a deep conditioning treatment and moisturizing shampoos and conditioners that can counteract the effects of dry heat and restore your supple strands. Consider a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for everyday use, like Ojon Ultra Hydrating Cleaner and Conditioner (left, $18 and $22, Once a week, apply a mask like Blow Hair Care Damage Control Restorative Hair Mask (right, $25, on damp hair, wrap in a towel and leave on for 15 minutes. You won’t believe how silky your hair is afterwards.

Dry hair

Problem: Frizziness
Frizziness can affect even women with straight hair, but it can wreak havoc on curly hair. While you may be tempted to give your hair an extra once-over with a flat iron to knock out frizz, the heat from your styling tool  can create more damage and more frizz. Instead rethink your styling products, and think about picking up something designed for coarse hair for the winter. Before investing in full-size products, check out the Living Proof No Frizz Kit (left, $29,, which includes travel-size shampoo, conditioner and the treatment product of your choice. Once a week try a mask made for frizzy, dry and damaged hair. Leonor Greyl Masque a L’Orchidee (middle, $52, was created to soften frizzy hair and protect it against heat styling. Keep your style in place with Phyto Phytolaque Hair Spray (right, $18, It’s a medium-hold spray that helps control frizz.frizzyness

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19 thoughts on “Winter Hair Survival Guide

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  2. Dryness, dandruff and hair loss are the main problems faced in winter and these products seem to be good answer for winter care of hair. Hair care needs to be given priority as many men and woman tend to lose hair at their young age. Hair loss treatments… and restoration techniques help people from being bald headed. Trying out hair care products and home remedies might reduce hair loss problems to great extend.

  3. I would agree as a few people said, there is usually shampoo that can resolve most dandruff related problems. If it is more severe though I would try some natural remedies. If that doesn't work then just visit the doctor.

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  5. thanks for sharing.
    Dryness, dandruff and hair loss are the main problems faced in winter and these products seem to be good answer for winter care of hair. Hair care needs to be given priority as many men and woman tend to lose hair at their young age.

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