With Bated Breath

A woman wonders if a man she was involved with briefly will ever call her.


Waiting By the Phone

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I met a great guy online and we e-mailed for a while, talked on the phone and then went out twice and had a really great time. I then attended a business trip for about 10 days, and once I got back he revealed that he had gone out with someone a couple of times while I was away. What’s more, they decided to see each other exclusively for about two weeks to see if they are a good match. He went on to say that he felt a strong connection with me as well, and asked if he could call me if things didn’t work out with this other woman.

I surprised myself by agreeing to the situation, and I said that if in fact he does call me sometime in the future I will be happy to hear from him. I am continuing to go on dates with other people, but still can’t manage to get him out of my head.

I felt a strong sense of connection and chemistry with him that I have not felt with anyone else in a very long time. My question is: Do you think he is just trying to let me down gently, or is there an actual possibility that he will end up calling?

Avery: The guy who you went out with does really like you and you should very much appreciate the honesty he displayed by revealing that he went out with someone else while you were away. His unavailability to you is definitely increasing your attraction towards him. If you don’t want to “wait and see” what his availability is, you can always send him a very nice e-mail saying hello and ask if his relationship status has changed and if he wants to go for lunch. If he’s in a position to meet up with you, you can see if that initial chemistry that you felt still exists.

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