Woman Assaulted in Bar After Rejecting Man's Advances

A 29-year-old nurse was followed into the women's bathroom and severely beaten in a stall.

Woman Assaulted in Bar After Rejecting Man’s Advances

A 29-year-old nurse was followed into the women’s room and severely beaten in a bathroom stall.

-Faye Brennan


Around 2 a.m. on Thursday morning, a 29-year-old nurse was followed into the bathroom at a bar called Social on 8th Avenue in New York, where she was severely beaten in a bathroom stall by a man who had been trying to dance with her.

The attacker beat the woman until she was unconscious, breaking her eye socket and jaw bone, in addition to other injuries. There is police security footage that shows the man leaving the bar examining his hand, as if it had been injured in the attack. When friends of the woman found her in the bathroom stall, they thought she fell and called 911.

When the woman regained consciousness in the hospital, she explained that she had been beaten by a man who had been coming on to her. Investigators on the case believe the attacker may have also tried to sexually assault her while in the bathroom stall. No arrests have been made yet, but police are hoping they can identify the attacker. (Huffington Post)

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0 thoughts on “Woman Assaulted in Bar After Rejecting Man's Advances

  1. NO ONE, male/female, should EVER be beaten for refusing unwanted(sexual) advances. o-g-s-, you do not possess all of the info on this story/subject to promote you to expert status. Spouting off as you have, you have only shown your impudence.

  2. So called ‘stud thinks it’s ok to beat women? He may be the one who did it.Idiots like this should be the one’s beaten! your a piece of S#$% moron!

  3. She was probably wearing a Mini Dress acting Slutty and accepting FREE DRINKS. To me that doesn`t add up to anything but TYPICAL, but to some Men free drinks add up to them being owed a good time.Personally I wouldn`t date a woman who couldn`t buy her own Drinks.

  4. Anyone who thinks the woman “deserved” what happened is NOT a real man . . . You need to be taken into a back alley and beat with a baseball bat ! Then you can see what it is like to have a broken face, broken arm, broken ribs, etc. like so many victims suffer !

  5. So, some of you guys think “buying a $5 drink” buys you intimacy? REALLY? What kind of morons are you? The “good time” you get by buying a girl drinks, is the time you spend while she drinks them. That gives you a chance to show her that YOU would make the evening even better for her later, if she liked the idea. There is NO contract or ownership with a drink purchase. Also, women are allowed to dress provocatively, without punishment, this is NOT taliban territory, IF, you feel they should wear burkas or be raped, YOU are a moron, and should live in the craphole countries where that makes sense to the people. THIS is America, land of the free. IDIOTS

  6. I can not believe that this news story doesnt have a link to the security tape!!!! The guy is dangerous, even if you believe that it is OK to beat a woman for saying no, ask yourself, do you think he only beats woman? This jack ass uses violence to get anything he wants.

  7. I’m pretty sure those guys who made those Neanderthal comments have mommy issues They never learned to respect women nor do they know how to be intimate with them either. Sadly, there are many idiots out there like these people, which is why women should always run in pairs. Buddy up out there, and watch out for the psychos.

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