Woman Sets Facebook Trap to Catch Cheating Husband

Stephanie Davies catches her husband cheating with another woman - her.

Woman Sets Facebook Trap to Catch Cheating Husband

Stephanie Davies catches her husband cheating with another woman – her.

-The Betty Editors

Simon Oldham and Stephanie Davies

A word to philandering husbands: Don’t accept any friend requests from foxy women you don’t know. They may just be your wife in disguise.

That was the case for one British man, Simon Olham, whose wife Stephanie caught him red-handed after posing as a much younger woman on Facebook. Although the pair had a newborn daughter together that didn’t stop Simon from sending crude messages to his new Facebook ‘friend’ and trying to set-up late-night meetings. He even disclosed that he already had a girlfriend on the side , in addition to his wife.

“Not only did I discover that he was the sort of man who would set up sexual liaisons with a complete stranger, I discovered that he had a whole other life that he was keeping from me,” said Stephanie, who has since divorced Simon.

“The final straw came when I arranged to meet him to discuss our marriage. I asked him to meet me at 6pm that night – knowing full well that he had arranged to meet “Laura” too…For me, it was the ultimate test. Would he choose me or her – a woman who didn’t even exist? Well, he didn’t hesitate. He said he couldn’t see me because he had an ‘important meeting’ that night,” she said.

“Yeah, right! That was the moment I knew our marriage was over for good.” (Daily Mail)

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0 thoughts on “Woman Sets Facebook Trap to Catch Cheating Husband

  1. Maybe if the wife spent more time being seductive and intimate with her husband he would not feel tempted to cheat. If she spent half the time she spent trying to deceive and trap him on facebook just being sexy with her husband, why would he stray? She probably refused to have sex, or at least made the whole process difficult, and now wonders why he was cheating??

  2. To the ones blaming the wife: #1 – they had a NEWBORN (read the article) – apparently 9+ months early she was all he needed. #2 – Your saying why did SHE not give him more attention, well for one she was pregnant and for two – why didn’t HE give HER more attention? A marriage is about give and take – not give and if you need more, instead of talking to the other person – running out and getting it… He hurt her, he ruined their marriage and the entire time she’s going this pregnancy he was not there for her and their soon to be baby – but for himself. He is selfish – the end.

  3. Here’s the bottom line. They are both emotionally immature and selfish. This marriage didn’t end because she caught him. This marriage was over a long time ago. Only a stupid, moron would respond sexually to a starnger online and only a woman wanting an excuse to blame others for her failed marriage would do what she did. She did not need to get on facebook to know her husband was cheating, so why not just discuss it and get it out there? Not knowing them personally, but knowing men and women I can tell you this right now…
    Any married man willing to cheat online with a total stranger with a newborn at home is not a real man. Mr. Small Penis needs to grow up and ms. “I had no idea” needs to face reality… Marriage is about compromise, devotion and communication, not sneeky investigations. Next time, be a wife Steph, not FN Dick Tracy.

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