There's No Place Like Home

A mother seeks advice on how to acquire a stay-at-home job.

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There’s No Place Like Home

Dear Michele,

Where is there a place that has work from home opportunities? I have been working for the Federal Government for almost 18 years, but it is taking a great deal of time away from my husband and children who are 7 & 9. I would much prefer to find a job that would allow me to earn an income and yet be at home for my family.

— Mom

Dear Mom,

It would be interesting to know exactly how you envision being at home for your family. Do you mean doing most of your work during school hours? Or being able to go on field trips? Or doing the grocery shopping while the kids are at school? Visualize the life you’d love to have — what is it you really want? Sometimes what women with school-age kids want is to be a full-time at-home parent — and saying so is really hard because it’s kinda politically incorrect in some circles. If that’s what you really, deep-down want, then figure out how to make that work. If you want to achieve more balance in your life by cutting out commuting time, then consider this: depending on your current role in the Federal Government you may be able to take advantage of “work-from-home” programs in place in most federal departments and agencies. It’s worth exploring. If you have a specialized area of expertise, such as accounting, bookkeeping or logistics, you can look for part-time positions you can do from home, using the skills you already have. Finally, let me warn you about work-from-home scams that require an up-front “deposit” from you, or that sound too good to be true. They probably are. Bottom line: work is work, regardless of where it’s done. Being at home requires discipline, focus and support. Figure out what you really want to get in your life and you will know the right path to take.

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