Would You Check Your Sweetheart's Email or Phone Messages?

Lots of people say yes-and some don't like what they find.

Would You Check Your Sweetheart’s Email or Phone Messages?

Lots of people say yes—and some don’t like what they find.

-Jane Farrell

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Thirty-eight percent of women and men under 25 have checked the phone records or email messages of someone they’re dating, without that person knowing, according to a new survey.

The survey, conducted by the electronics website Retrovo, also found that among that group, 10 percent found out their sweetheart was cheating. Among groups of all ages, the survey found, 29 percent of both men snoop via email or cell phone, and 9 percent discover infidelity.

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Dating couples snoop more than couples in long-term relationships, but not by much. Thirty-six percent of all couples in a committed long-term relationship, whether married or otherwise, admitted that they check their partner’s email and/or call history. The good news: only 3 percent discovered infidelity.

As for men, who are usually seen as much less interested in spying than women, the survey found that they do it almost as frequently. When the survey takers broke down the figures into male and female responses, they found that 33 percent of women of all ages had snooped, compared with 30 percent of men.

The bottom line: With people likely to leave their cell phones around, or their email open, snooping is a lot more easier than in the days when a wife checked her husband’s shirt for lipstick on his collar. (Retrevo)

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