Would You Dye Your Hair Gray?

Most of us want to avoid gray hair, but Kate Moss actually dyed her locks to look like that. Is this the start of a new trend?

Would You Dye Your Hair Gray?

Most of us want to avoid gray hair, but Kate Moss actually dyed her locks to look like that. Is this the start of a new trend?

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Kate Moss Gray Hair

When Kate Moss was recently spotted with very prominent gray streaks in her hair, it set of a series of alarm bells. Were the signs of her hard-partying days finally catching up with the aging supermodel or was this intentional? As the photo became a media sensation, her PR people were quick to say that Kate’s silvery-white highlights were “something Kate had done to her hair” and that it was “all the rage.”

This trend was born last September on the Paris runways, where models were seen sporting silvery-gray locks at the Gareth Pugh, Chanel and Dior shows. Lady Gaga, who’s known for her out-there looks, tried it. So did singer Kelis, model Kristen McMenamy and English socialite Pixie Geldorf.

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So far, the trend has remained on the other side of the pond, but will it take off stateside? Andre Davis, a celebrity hairstylist who works at New York’s Roy Teeluck Salon, says, “I have seen some people wearing the look at events, but I think they had it done over in the U.K.”  He continues, “I think this look is over-the-top, and it’s more like a temporary accessory than something for everyday.”

Does Andre think that gray highlights will become a big hit in the U.S.? “Personally, I think it’ll be a little trend that will pass.” So far, he hasn’t had a single request to turn anyone’s hair gray. “I don’t think a lot of women are going to jump on the trend even if Kate Moss is doing it, because it’s aging,” he says. “American women are into looking young and it’s also a look that won’t look great on everyone. Women in the U.S. want to look natural; they don’t want people to say, ‘Oh I think you have something in your hair.’”gray highlight spray

Aside from making women look older, Andre warns that the process of dying hair gray “will strip hair to the point of damage.” He adds, “Color is a science. Creating blonde is the most difficult color to create, next to red. There are so many levels of blonde and the super platinum shade is close to white. If you use the super platinum to highlight hair so that it looks gray, it will make the hair too porous, and then there’s the chance of breakage.”

But if Kate Moss is your go-to style icon and you want to be the first on your block and show off this ’do, there are some options. If you want the look for just one night, try Streaks N’ Tips Temporary Color Highlight Spray in Platinum ($4.29, drugstore.com). It will wash out and is best used on hair that milkshake conditionerhasn’t been colored. If you want a more permanent or all-over gray look, leave it to the pros since it requires bleaching out all of your hair pigment and using an ash color toner to combat brassiness. Ironically, it requires as much, if not more, maintenance and processes to turn your hair gray as it does to cover it up.

Pulling off a fake gray requires a great cut and style too. Be prepared to spend a lot of time styling it and using lots of products to add shine and prevent more damage to your hair. You might want to try Z. One Concept’s Milkshake Color Maintainer Conditioner ($14.45 at beauty-mart.com) as a preventative measure. 

Tell Us:  Would you dye your hair gray?

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  1. I’m 23 and I have a streak of blond in my black hair that is actually so blonde it looks silver. I’m a cosmetologist and it is a trend. In my hair it looks more like a stress mark than grey hair. I love it. It adds some character to my hair.

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