Would You Wear These Jeans?

Would you wear jeans that featured cat eyes on the butt?
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Winkers pants

I spoke to Winkers’ William from his home in Everett, Wash. The grandfather (yep, the man is a grandpa) explained his inspiration:

“After work one day and I was going through the parking lot and this woman was walking in front of me and I thought she was kind of desirable,” William tells BettyConfidential.com. “I was looking at her rear end, and it just came to me that those pants were winking at me. So I got to thinking about putting an eye on there and then they really would be winking.”

Lecher-cessity – the mother of all invention.

The rest, as they say, is hiney history. William has been inundated with requests since his launch last Wednesday. Many of those orders, he said with bewilderment, came from men. (Perhaps Winkers will become the Cher wig of ’09?)

Each Winkers takes at minimum seven hours to paint by hand, and Williams insists he’s had “hundreds” of inquiries. He shied away from giving me precise order numbers, but the man sounded genuinely overwhelmed by the unexpected attention his YouTube video whipped up.

To be sure, Winkers aren’t cheap (prices vary from $169 to $569 depending on design – and you have to provide the pants yourself). William is hoping an apparel company will swoop in and license his idea, but he says that despite the extra work, “it’s a delight that this has happened.”

William, as a way to thank you for the delight that is Winkers, I make you this solemn vow: If you send me a pair of Winkers, I will wear them in my Christmas card photo this year. Wink, wink; nudge, nudge.

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  1. I would wear them for a joke at a party or something, but never seriously out. They’re not even a little bit flattering. Plus I don’t think they’d work on me – too skinny.

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