You Know You Are in a Relationship When…

4 signs of the times that you are in a committed relationship

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You Know You Are in a Relationship When…

4 signs of the times that you are in a committed relationship

-Heidi Isern

Young, Happy CoupleAlthough some of us stay in the relationship ‘gray zone’ for eternity, others move along the commitment spectrum toward solid black. Actions speak louder than words, and in today’s technological age, there are numerous ways in which to demonstrate the commitment.

1. Share a Google calendar. This seems to be an emerging trend amongst my recently coupled friends. Apparently once you are in a serious relationship you need to know the whereabouts of your S.O. at all times so that you can successfully plan ‘together outings’.

“So how serious is it with Tom?” I ask my friend.

“Well, he just asked me to share a Google calendar and put the company picnic on it…” she replies.

She might as well plan her wedding.

Although I scoff at this über planning, part of me would love to have someone to “Google” with. The only one who plans around my weekly agenda is my therapist.

2. Share airline miles. Shared bank accounts are so 2007 (i.e. before the financial crisis). The cool thing to do now is pool airline miles so that you can maximize your exotic vacations together without spending a dime. ‘I’ll get the November trip to New York if you cover Hawaii…..”

3. Personalize ring tones. Because his (or her) call is so important, many new couples assign a personal ring to their beloved’s phone number. I always wonder if said caller gets any say in which ring tone is selected for them.

For example, a male friend of mine really wanted a hot Justin Timberlake melody (ala “Sexyback”). He was mortified when his girlfriend chose Journey’s “Faithfully.” I think it made him not want to be faithful.

And the ultimate sign of coupledom is to…..

3. Update your Facebook status to say “in a relationship with …” This lets the world know you are indeed committed and tells the random hairy men in Speedos to stop sending you messages.

Of course, you must legitimately be in a real, validated relationship; i.e. the person you are claiming to be in a relationship with must not only know who you are, but also be willing to verify your requested status change.

Personally, I have always found this status change to be slightly annoying. If I really am someone’s ‘friend’ then shouldn’t I already know that they are in a relationship without the cyber proclamation? The cynic in me believes that this sudden status change is not an honest clarification but rather a badge of honor by smug schmoopies. They appear overly eager to declare their departure from ‘single stigma’ into the realms of normal people. In fact, some smug schoompies change their status after the third date. Bah humbug.

I wish that there were a status option of ‘I am single and having hotter sex than you.’

Smug or sassy, are there any relationship road signs that you aware of?

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0 thoughts on “You Know You Are in a Relationship When…

  1. I didn’t meet my in laws till the day of my wedding. We just knew, I saw him and wanted to know him, we were introduced, he told me he loved me on our third date, we decided to get married the first month of dating, and were married the fourth month. Two years later we are still as in love as ever. We do everything together and are each others best friends.

  2. when ur d wall paper on his cp..
    when he buys u “couple shirts”.. ( its like a chinese thing.. wearing the same shirt, shoes, pants or bag..)
    when ur d or with him on his primary photos..

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