You Know You're on a Bad Date When…

Real guys and girls share the moment they realized they were on a bad date.
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You Know You’re on a Bad Date When…

Real guys and girls share the moment they realized they were on a bad date.

-Carrie Seim

Bad date

It’s happened to all of us. You spend days getting ready for your date with a new guy. You pick the perfect pretty-but-sexy-but-demure-but-hip-but-not-too-hip ensemble. You manage to shave your legs AND paint your toes. You research schools for the children you’ll surely conceive with this man down the road, once you’ve remodeled your dream house together.

But somewhere between that first hello and the bridal veil, you find yourself crying in the ladies’ room, thanking God you don’t have to drive home with this loser, much less create offspring with him.

When did it all go so wrong?

There’s a sinking moment during every bad date when you find yourself plummeting over the This Sucks Falls. We asked guys and girls from around the country to tell us the exact moment they knew they were on a really bad date.

Let the following serve as a warning to you. If you encounter any of these bad date disasters, take solace in the fact that the worse the date, the better the story in the morning.

You know it’s a bad date when…

1. Your date uses you as a taxi service.
“I knew I was on a bad date when he asked me to drive and then wanted to stop at FedEx to drop something off. On a FIRST date,” a young woman from Hawaii told BettyConfidential.

But apparently, things could have been much worse. A man from Ireland shared this shocking but hysterical true tale from his teen years:

“I’m 17, on the first date and she tells me she has a kid, a cyst on her womb and needs a ride to the hospital the next day for tests. I respond by faking a car crash involving my aunt by having a friend in the same pub fake-call my mobile and offer to drop her home on the way to the ER.” When asked to clarify is this all really happened, he added proudly, “I have nothing to gain by lying here.”

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0 thoughts on “You Know You're on a Bad Date When…

  1. tcalinda – I think you went out with my ex-husband.

    Years ago I met a scathingly handsome guy at the hospital I worked at. 6’4″, movie star goodlooking. We made a date on the day of his release (did I mention that he was a patient?). On the evening of our date, from the very second I got into the car I began to panic. Was it his stories of rampant drug use, his seemingly total lack of hold on reality? Who knows but I recall praying for the date to end quickly and trying to maintain a normal facade through our pretty nondescript steak dinner. When he asked if I wanted to go dancing, I came up with some excuse, all the while praying that I got home safely. He must have sensed my sheer terror (I’m not kidding – SOMETHING was off) because he didn’t even attempt to kiss me and was actually fine. The next day, at work, I learned that he had been hospitalized in the psych ward.

  2. The worst date I ever had was a set up with a friend’s neighbor.At dinner, he told me all about how his sister had an abortion and how he didn’t agree with it. Then he went on to say that in the event that I got knocked up, we would talk about it and he would decide to raise it. Let’s talk about how fast I put on those brakes! First, I told him that I may not even tell him that was the case. Second, the bottom line is that it’s my body my choice and my life. That shut him up quickly.

    So then we went to a friend’s house for a party. She gave us a tour and he had the gall to ask her how much she paid for her house. Then he was all over me. All over me. Finally, I’d had enough so I went home. I had 5 texts from him when I got home the last one saying: “It was hard saying good bye to you.” ONE DATE!!!! Are you kidding?

    So the next day he wanted me to come over to watch a movie (obviously he thought I’d sleep with him). I decided to baby sit instead (later he told me he has genital warts but never tells anyone. Then he invited me over.). So he texted me and asked how baby sitting was going and I said the baby puked all over me. His response: that’s hot. let’s make babies.

    Um, are you laughing? I wasn’t either. So following is the texting that ensued over the next 2 hours.

    I did not reply to that.
    Him: You feel like doing drinks next weekend?
    I did not respond.
    Him: I was thinking about baby making behavior with protection to be honest. Its been a while for you. We should tend to that! 😉
    I did not respond.
    Him: The last thing I need is anxiety about a kid on the way. I couldn’t imagine! Not yet anyway.
    I did not respond.
    Him: I think we’d have fun together 😉
    I did not respond.
    Him: I can wait though. We can build some sexual tension.
    I did not respond.
    Him: Did I scare you off yet?
    Me: You’ve done a good job of talking yourself out of anything happening.
    Him: Well I was just joking around.
    Again, I sent nothing.
    Him: I won’t joke around about that anymore… Sorry
    Nothing from me.
    Him: That’s OK… We can talk about that.
    Me: You need to know that I will not commit to you.
    Him: What exactly are you looking for.
    Apparently, I didn’t answer fast enough so he sent it again.
    Him: The right guy would never dream of being with another woman. When you meet the right one, all those fears will go away.
    Me: I sent nothing.
    Him: I’m sorry he did that to you but you have to give life a chance. Whoever that future guy is, its not fair for him to pay the price for your X. You know this
    (Um don’t tell me what to do. I do not know you.)
    I sent nothing in response.
    Him: Moving on will be difficult… Nobody says it will be easy.
    I sent nothing.
    Him: Heart ache is a very powerful thing. Everyone is scared of it. People who are decent anyway.
    Nothing from me.
    Him: Its not pretty but I have heart ache too… Maybe we can talk about it one day. Then, a week later, he asks out my friend from the party via Facebook chat! (She said no.)

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