You Vixen, You!

Flirt in style and get a free iTunes gift card

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You Vixen, You!

Flirt away and get a free iTunes gift card

-Sabina Durrani

TrueFlirt love potion Keeping up with the 21st century is tough! Cyberspace, space tourism, global warming – what’s next, a new way to flirt? Uh yeah!

Check out TrueFlirt for your iPhone and learn to flirt 21st century style. TrueFlirt is a social networking application that allows you flirt your way through cyberspace  – beware, this is surprising addicting!

With 10 interactive “Flirts”, create scenarios like romantic balloon rides and love potion spells to send to your crush. Tease, flirt and giggle– even get a date out of it.

For a limited time buy  the TrueFlirt ap for $3.99 (a $2 discount) and get a $10 iTunes gift card for freeClick here to get your own TrueFlirt application. 

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