Your 2010 Love Forecast

Is this your year for romance? Our astrologer looks to the stars to find out!
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Your 2010 Love Forecast

Is this your year for romance? Our astrologer looks to the stars to find out!

-Margaret Santangelo

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If your New Year’s resolution is to find Mr. Right, we have a secret weapon for you — this astrological guide to romance in 2010 will give you the rundown on who to look for, when to make your move and how to maximize your enviable assets!

When it comes to love, the planet to track this year is Venus, which rules partnership, relationships, and romance. In 2010, Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio in October, signaling that everyone will have to reassess jointly held resources, especially financial ones. You’ll also need to focus on the shared responsibility of making money. This is an area that could be a problem for many couples.

But on the positive side, during the period when Venus, the planet of love, transits your Sun sign (see below for specific dates), you’ll enjoy a heightened self-confidence and feel more attractive, so you’ll project yourself accordingly. You’ll also have an easier time with romantic involvements and other personal relationships.


You’re not the type to wait for the right guy to come along, or sit by the phone hoping the cute guy you’ve been flirting with will call and ask you out. Ruled by ambitious Mars, you’re the go-getters of the zodiac, and your fiery and passionate personality will compel you to go after someone you have your eye on. If you’re attached, you’ll push to take your relationship to the next level.

Dates for love: Venus transits Aries from March 8 through March 29.

Best Sun sign match for 2010: Aquarian men will respect your need for independence and stimulate your intellectual side.


Your sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and being in a relationship is the natural state for most Taureans. If you’ve spent a long time alone recently, you could be swept off your feet by a sexy new romantic interest at the outset of 2010. Be careful, though! Because you’re such a romantic and because of the recent dry spell you suffered, you could be tempted to move too quickly with a new love. Be sure he’s everything he says he is before you give him your heart and soul (not to mention your credit card number).

Dates for love: Venus transits Taurus from April 1 through April 25.

Best Sun sign match for 2010: Capricorn men will provide the stability and security you thrive. They’ll never deceive or abandon you.

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