Your Dating Toolkit

6 things every girl needs to be prepared for her next date.
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Your Dating Toolkit

6 things every girl needs to be prepared for her next date.

-Carrie Seim

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Like a good little scout, you should always be prepared for a date. You wouldn’t go camping without packing a tent, right? Well, there’s no shame in hiding some magic up your sleeve before heading out to meet a handsome fellow. So allow us to lend you a hand with BettyConfidential’s tried-and-true Great Date Toolkit. The following items will confer to you coquettish confidence and single-lady savvy. They’ll help a good date get better – and may even help a bad date get over faster.

1. Little Bag of Tricks ($5)

Before walking through the door to meet a sexy suitor, I always pack a little bag of confidence, stashing a collapsible toothbrush, mini minty paste, travel mouthwash and sample perfume into a zippable plastic bag. Don’t get the wrong idea – this isn’t a one-night-stand set – it simply allows me to freshen my breath (and my body scent) après dinner. Just in case there’s an end-of-date kiss.

2. Fashion Flair (varies)

Like infants and underwater sea creatures, guys are inexplicably attracted to shiny and sparkly things.

They also love locating anything on your person that they can easily compliment. (“Compliment her! But on what? Her eyes? No, everybody says that. Wait a second – is that a candy ring on her finger? Jackpot!”)

I see wearing flair as part of my job for making a date go well. Toss on a sparkly bracelet, or slip on some novelty earrings and – boom! Conversation started. The guy is grateful to have an easy icebreaker, and you get to wear something fun.

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3. Phone-a-Friend ($1)

Yes, you should always let someone know where you’ll be during a date and that you’ve made it home safely. But deft daters know that a phone call during the date can really save the day. And now, a new iPhone app is taking things up a tech step.

Fake Calls allows you to have one of the contacts in your phone “call” you at an appointed time. Want your Aunt Lydia to phone you up with an emergency appendicitis just in case your blind date blows? Done. (Don’t worry, the call is totally fake and Auntie L. will be none the wiser.)

You can decide mid-date whether to take the “call” or ignore it. So from now on, if you need to escape a bad date, don’t worry – there’s an app for that.

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0 thoughts on “Your Dating Toolkit

  1. Great tips, as always, Carrie Seim! I got my BETTY in my email box this morning, clicked on the story I found most fun, and it was you. It often is!

    Great tips and great products to go WITH the tips… I will DEFINITELY try those slipper/flats! They fold up… How convenient!

    BTW, one of my MUST HAVES…gum. I don’t pop or smack my gum, and breath mints tend to leave an icky taste in my mouth.

    Oh, and if it’s a 3rd or 4th date…I bring CONDOMS. Strap it up before you smack it up ladies! LOL! :)

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