Your Horoscope: Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Your Horoscope: Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Wednesday, December 16, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo


Sagittarius: You may decide to give yourself a complete makeover for the holidays – either by dyeing your hair at home or going all out with a day at the salon. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll be turning heads at all the holiday parties this season – but then again, that’s nothing new!

Capricorn: You may need to confront a family member with whom you have been fighting over something minor. However, it could turn into something major because the whole family is involved, and the implications of your actions take on a whole new significance. Put a conflict to rest now so you’ll all have a much more enjoyable holiday.

Aquarius: The new moon in Sagittarius puts a spotlight on a close friendship that may be strained lately. You may want to bury the hatchet over a disagreement that has put the brakes on a project today; if you do so, you may be able to wrap up and outstanding assignment before the holidays.

Pisces: Today you will be focused on your hopes and dreams for the future. Take some time out to start brainstorming your resolutions list for the new year this afternoon. You will have clarity of mind and a sense or purpose about where you are and where you want to go in your life today.

Aries: There is a new moon eclipse today in Sagittarius, which helps you rein in your tendency to be overemotional. This will help you make an important decision regarding a relationship, and you’ll finally be able to enjoy the holiday season! This evening the moon enters Capricorn and you’ll be able to get organized for the year ahead.

Taurus: The new moon eclipse in Sagittarius will bring a tense situation at work to a head. This is likely to involve working tension out with a co-worker, by talking a problem through. Doing so will dramatically improve the workplace environment and everyone is going to be happy about that.

Gemini: The new moon eclipse inspires you to make a fresh start in a relationship. Lately you’ve had a difficult time making progress in other areas of your life because of your indecision about a romance. If you decide it’s time to move forward full steam ahead, today is the day to tell your special someone.

Cancer: Today you may have to make a decision about how you will move forward at work when a problem arises that calls into question the old way of doing things. Don’t make a decision without not only thinking it through and discussing the implications with your coworkers to make sure your new plan is actually an improvement.

Leo: You are creatively inspired by the new moon eclipse in Sagittarius today. Whether you are creating something for work or simply for pleasure, your work will be truly inspired and impressive. If you need an outlet for your creative energy, use the holiday season as an excuse to go to the craft store and get some supplies!

Virgo: Today you will try and make a new start at home by settling old scores and putting a dispute to rest by compromising. Doing so will finally make peace in your family, just in time for holiday gatherings, and everyone close to you will be grateful to you for being the bigger person and giving in.

Libra: The new moon in Sagittarius signals the beginning of a new phase in your career. If something you recently did professionally just got you noticed by either the industry or the public, you’ll need to start presenting yourself consistently to the public or your peers. Consider hiring a publicist to help you deal with the public.

Scorpio: The new moon in Sagittarius today marks a new financial beginning. Today you may be grated an unexpected windfall that will brighten up your holidays out of the blue. Rather than spend all the money now, split it up – put half toward savings, a quarter toward paying off old debts, and the rest toward enjoying the holiday season.

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