Your Horoscope: Friday, April 16, 2010

Your Horoscope for Friday, April 16, 2010

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Friday, April 16, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo

Zodiac signs

Aries: This weekend presents opportunities to increase your earning power by teaming up with a friend or family member on an entrepreneurial venture. Make sure you don’t try to control all aspects of a professional partnership or it could end before it truly blossoms.

Taurus: This weekend you are in the mood to do a real spring cleaning. Get rid of all that old junk that’s been cluttering up not only your home but also your psyche. You’ll be able to be so much more productive once you clear the decks and start with a clean slate.

Gemini: You have access to great ideas and innovative ways to improve a professional collaboration that you have been working on. Take the time this weekend to have a major brainstorming meeting with your partner. The two of you will make major progress in the next few weeks if you do.

Cancer: You are optimistic about your plans and dreams for the future right now, making it the perfect time to share your ideas with your special someone or another family member. Getting feedback from someone whose opinion you trust will make you even more confident about your path.

Leo: Today you are in the mood to make plans to expand your sphere of influence professionally. Socializing is the key to your success over the next few weeks, so this weekend, go out on the scene and network. You may meet someone who can really help you go in the direction you want in your career.

Virgo: You are in the mood for creativity this weekend, and because you are so inspired, you’ll be able to make major progress on a current project. Working alone is a good idea right now; your perfectionism is in full force, so you’ll be better off doing it yourself and getting it right the first time.

Libra: Today you may have a revelation about where you want to go in your career. Brainstorming about your possible paths for the future is a productive exercise this weekend. Don’t indulge your Libran tendency to vacillate when it comes to an important decision – trust your first instinct.

Scorpio: Take some chances and you’ll make major progress with a creative project this weekend. A new partner has given you major motivation and confidence in your ability to finally wrap up a project that’s been pending for what seems like an eternity. The work you do this weekend will be well received.

Sagittarius: This weekend you need reinforcement from a colleague or mentor whose opinion you trust about the status of a current project. Getting feedback will enable you to move forward. You are able to take criticism well and use it constructively right now.

Capricorn: You and your special someone may decide to work together on a new business venture and doing so will bring you closer than ever. Making money is one of your top priorities, so combining these two areas of your life will enable you to find a new balance between work and romance.

Aquarius: You have a dramatic air about you this weekend and will be in high demand by friends and family for your witty and entertaining company. Don’t let yourself get stretched too thin, though. This weekend is perfect for making progress with a professional venture.

Pisces: You will make major progress with an artistic project and you could even receive compensation for your work out of the blue. This makes your confidence soar and as a result, motivates you to redouble your efforts to finish a pending project so you can get started on the next one.

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