Your Horoscope: Friday, April 30, 2010

Your Horoscope for Friday, April 30, 2010

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Friday, April 30, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo

Moon, stars and suns

Taurus: You have to resolve a conflict with your significant other arising from your current obsession with your career. Your partner is not only missing your company and affection; he or she is also concerned for your health. Make an effort to stop overworking yourself starting today.

Gemini: You may experience disappointment about a creative project that is not proceeding as smoothly as you had hoped it would. A disagreement with a coworker will not improve the situation, so try not to be combative or argumentative. Turn to a mentor for advice and guidance if you find yourself stuck at a dead end.

Cancer: You are overwhelmed with work today and you may be tempted to just give up. Don’t be intimidated by the colossal amount of work you have to do; simply break it up into manageable chunks and attack them one at a time. Turn to a coworker for assistance if necessary this afternoon.

Leo: This morning, an argument with your significant other over a petty issue, like putting the cap back on the toothpaste, actually illuminates deeper problems in your relationship. Clear and honest communication will eliminate tension in a relationship.

Virgo: You are mentally stimulated and intellectually agile all day. Today is a great day for starting a new project, especially a personal one. Expressing yourself creatively is like therapy for you. One of the easiest ways for you to externalize and vent these feelings is through artistic expression.

Libra: The moon enters Scorpio today and brings good luck in the money department. You could receive an unexpected windfall as the result of your creative endeavors. You are in an indulgent mood this afternoon and you could make impulsive purchases that you will later regret, so be careful not to overspend.

Scorpio: The moon enters Scorpio, your Sun sign, this evening, indicating that a new cycle of growth and expansion is beginning. You’ll also experience a boost to your self-esteem. Take advantage of your current confidence to further your personal agenda.

Sagittarius: Your personal concerns are your main focus today. As a Sagittarius, you are by nature an outgoing and friendly person. However, today you may just want to be alone. Don’t feel obligated by friends to do something you don’t want to do this afternoon.

Capricorn: Pressure and stress are today’s themes. The weight of professional responsibilities may be too much for you to bear; simply do not worry about job chores and leave them for Monday. This evening you may address some issues regarding shared resources.

Aquarius: Today is a difficult day for you as you are under a lot of pressure. Pisceans are not fond of structure and work, and sometimes you can be quite undisciplined. You will be forced to deal with professional issues that you have been avoiding, such as being completely unhappy at your current job.

Pisces: This morning and afternoon you’ll have to take care of errands and chores that you have been putting off. You may indulge yourself and put them off for one more day, but this is not highly recommended. Your current significant other may surprise you with a romantic dinner for two this evening.

Aries: Today you’ll be inspired creatively as you allow your imagination to run wild. Take a break from the routine and just go with the flow. The afternoon is the best time to work with a partner on a project. You’ll develop an excellent working relationship as the project progresses.

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