Your Horoscope: Friday, April 9, 2010

Your Horoscope for Friday, April 9, 2010

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Your Horoscope: Friday, April 9, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo


Aries: You may have an opportunity to capitalize on your success in your career to expand your business or gain influence in your field today. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a friend who can help you get what you want professionally. Use all the weapons in your arsenal to achieve success.

Taurus: The moon enters Pisces and you’ll be extremely imaginative and creative, especially when it comes to domestic matters. You really enjoy creating a comfortable and cozy domestic environment, and this weekend you’ll get a lot done on the home front.

Gemini: You will be extremely inspired intellectually on Friday, and feel that you are bursting at the seams with information and knowledge. You may lock yourself in your home office all weekend long, writing or working on some other project. You’ll make major progress!

Cancer: You are extra emotional this weekend as the moon enters Pisces. You are nostalgic for the good old days, and may spend a lot of time reminiscing about the past. Call up a friend – or a couple of friends – from your past and arrange a spontaneous get together or reunion.

Leo: The moon in Pisces on Saturday gets you in the mood to clear the decks when it comes to all administrative matters. You’ll spend the entire day, maybe even the entire weekend, getting organized, clearing out your inbox and cleaning off your desk.

Virgo: You have to get your house in order this weekend, Virgo, because you have a very busy, productive and lucky period coming up. This weekend, with the moon in Pisces, romance may beckon but stick to your priorities and get some Spring cleaning done.

Libra: You are in the mood to balance your life right now. As a Libra, you thrive when you are in harmony, both within yourself and with the outside world. This weekend, make a point of confronting (or at least approaching) people that may be presenting conflict in your life.

Scorpio: You have the keen ability to completely transform people, places, and things around you, as well as yourself. It’s about that time, Scorpio, for you to reassess everything in your life and make some major changes.

Sagittarius: You are in a jovial and excitable mood today, Sagittarius, and you can barely wait for the work week to be over so you can get out and do some partying! You may have a full social calendar this weekend, perhaps even a gathering at your home with some of your closest friends.

Capricorn: The moon enters Pisces this weekend and you’ll be mentally stimulated, especially when it comes to an overall financial strategy for the future. You have access to innovative and cutting edge business enterprises; now is the time for you to thoroughly investigate these ideas.

Aquarius: Today you’ll be in a generous mood and may do something special for a friend or family member just to make his or her day a little easier. The moon in Pisces gets you thinking about money on Saturday, and you’ll brainstorm ways you can increase your income.

Pisces: The moon enters your Sun sign, Pisces, on Saturday, making you feel more hopeful and optimistic than you have in weeks. Now is the time to claw yourself out of that potential pit of despair you could end up sliding into if you don’t embrace a positive attitude.

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