Your Horoscope: Friday, December 18, 2009

Your Horoscope: Friday, December 18, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Friday, December 18, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

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Sagittarius: Plan some fun activity for the whole family for Saturday; if you can’t have company to your house plan an inexpensive outing that everyone in the family can attend. Bonding around the holidays will give you and your loved ones a much-needed jolt of good energy this weekend.

Capricorn: Today finances are on your mind. You may need to rein in the spending of your special someone or another family member; try to lend your own practical wisdom to a loved one through gentle prodding rather than forceful scolding.

Aquarius: The moon enters your Sun sign this weekend, Aquarius, giving you a much-needed confidence boost. Take some time out from the hectic holiday schedule to contemplate your future direction and even discuss it with the important people in your life.

Pisces: This weekend the moon enters Aquarius and you may have difficulty getting past a depressed mood. A pep talk from your special someone or a trusted confidante on Saturday will brighten your mood. Good news may arrive and completely jolts you out of a slide into a bout of the holiday blues on Sunday.

Aries: You may have company over to your house for an early holiday get together, but don’t pressure yourself too much when it comes to entertaining. Keep an eye on your priorities and make sure you are addressing the most important in your life this weekend.

Taurus: Today the moon in Aquarius will get you in a domestic mood and you could spend the entire weekend at home baking holiday cookies or doing some other project to get everyone in a festive mood. If you do some shopping, Sunday is the day to do it – you are bound to find the best bargains on some last minute gifts.

Gemini: Your mind is as sharp as a razor right now, so attend to any specialized financial or business negotiations that are up in the air this afternoon. You’ll be especially inspired this weekend, so take some time out to work on a creative project even if you have to put some holiday shopping on hold in order to do so.

Cancer: The moon enters Aquarius on Saturday and you’ll be in the mood for daydreaming and planning for the future. Now is the time to make plans for the future with your special someone. If the two of you work together and support each other, there’s nothing you cannot do.

Leo: This weekend the moon’s entry into Aquarius gets you in the holiday spirit. You are also in a very romantic mood so take some time out for a romantic getaway with your honey – even if it is only for one night. The two of you will reconnect over a candlelight dinner and champagne like never before.

Virgo: The moon’s entry into Aquarius this weekend gets you in the mood to start a new exercise and diet regimen for the New Year. A visit to a nutritionist or even just a health-oriented website will be a good start toward researching a focused transformation of your personal appearance over the next few months.

Libra: You’ll be in a social and outgoing mood this weekend, especially when it comes to your siblings, family, and neighborhood. Organize an impromptu Christmas caroling group or some other community-based activity to celebrate the holidays this weekend.

Scorpio: The moon enters Aquarius this weekend and you’ll be focused on your career goals for the next year. You’ll need to take some time out to get advice from a trusted adviser about what steps you need to make now to ensure a transformation of your career as easy as possible in the near future.

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