Your Horoscope: Friday, February 26, 2010

Your Horoscope for Friday, February 26, 2010

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Your Horoscope: Friday, February 26, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo


Pisces: Today you should pursue your personal goals and go after what you want in your career. It is time to focus on your professional desires. This afternoon is a propitious time to have meetings with employers; you’ll be articulate and charismatic.

Aries: Friendships and your social obligations are on your mind today, Aries. Your family and loved ones are a more important priority right now. Your true friends will understand if you need to dedicate more time to your domestic concerns.

Taurus: If you are unhappy in your current job, it may be time to look for a new one. This afternoon, make some phone calls to friends and associates to scope out the scene. You may just hear about and opening that will be perfect for you.

Gemini: Plan a trip to an exotic location today, Gemini, you need to get away. Geminis love experiencing new and exciting people, places, and things, and a vacation is the way to do it right now. Tonight, try and get your affairs in order so you can set aside some time to take off.

Cancer: This morning, an emotional argument with your spouse or a family member starts the day off on a somber note. You may have to put in extra hours in order to get all your work done today. Tonight, initiate a discussion with a loved one in order to patch things up and go to sleep happy.

Leo: Your significant other may have a surprise for you this morning. Good news regarding finances puts you in a great mood this afternoon. Take off from work an hour early so you can go out for a nice dinner to celebrate your good fortune.

Virgo: Today you’ll have a lot on your plate to deal with at work, so it may be a good idea to start as early as possible. This evening, try not to work too late – you should get home as early as possible; your special someone is anxious to tell you some good news.

Libra: Go in a new creative direction with a project at work today. You’ll be inspired by an associate’s ideas so call a brainstorming meeting this afternoon. Working with a partner on a difficult assignment is the best way to finish it quickly today.

Scorpio: Domestic matters take precedence over all else today. This afternoon, you may suddenly be inspired to make major changes in your household. Scorpios need to feel comfortable in their environment, and transforming your home will make you feel more in control.

Sagittarius: Make phone calls, write emails, and run errands that you’ve been putting off today, Sagittarius. This evening, an unexpected visit or call from a good friend will bring back fond memories and put you in a great mood.

Capricorn: Your values and goals may be changing right now, Capricorn, and today is the day to implement changes in your life to accommodate this. Discuss your agenda with your significant other or spouse; he or she should be aware of where you are headed.

Aquarius: The moon enters your Sun sign, Aquarius this morning, which marks your lunar high cycle and infuses you with energy and positive vibes. Today is the day to assert yourself at the workplace and voice your opinion on a controversial issue.

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