Your Horoscope: Friday, February 5, 2010

Your Horoscope for Friday, February 5, 2010

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Friday, February 5, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo

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Aquarius: This morning, you may suddenly recognize the disjunction between your ideal future aspirations on the one hand and your current life reality on the other. Don’t get down if you feel that you haven’t achieved all that you’d hoped to, just stay the course – interesting things are about to start happening.

Pisces: Today is a difficult day for you as you are under a lot of pressure. Today, all those responsibilities you blew off over the past few weeks will come back to haunt you. If you are completely unhappy at your current job it’s time you made a move. Later tonight, a wise family member may give you some very valuable advice.

Aries: The weight of pressing professional responsibilities may be hard for you to deal with right now, but if you brought important work home to do over the weekend, do not even think about doing it! You’ll have plenty of time to worry about it on Monday. Put off an intense financial discussion for a day or two, if you can.

Taurus: A conflict between your personal and professional lives could emotionally paralyze you this morning. Your inability to dedicate more time to a relationship is just a fact of life right now, and your partner will have to live with it and support your decision. Tonight is the perfect night for a heart-to-heart with your honey.

Gemini: This morning you may have an internal debate on how to deal with a business partner’s betrayal. You’ll be extremely articulate tonight, making this evening a perfect time to confront your partner about your suspicions. However, no matter how damning the evidence is, give your partner the benefit of the doubt.

Cancer: A difference of opinion between you and a friend may escalate into a massive argument this morning. This indicates that there are deeper problems that you must address. This evening, you may encounter friction with others as well, simply because everyone’s affected by the tense atmosphere. Stay home tonight and mellow out.

Leo: Today your significant other may be visibly upset about your demanding work schedule and could try to force you to schedule time together each week. However, spontaneity is one of the most exciting elements of romance for you. Be sympathetic, but don’t be manipulated into making promises that you cannot keep.

Virgo: Frustration, confusion, and hang-ups characterize today’s mood, so the scattered astrological atmosphere it is absolutely maddening for you. This afternoon brings motivation and energy, so channel this morning’s frustration and anger into artistic self-expression for a temporary sense of relief.

Libra: Today is a frustrating and unproductive day, especially in the creative department. Put your work aside this afternoon if you haven’t made any progress; it is pointless to waste your precious mental energy. Get your mind off your work by going out with friends this evening.

Scorpio: Today you may realize that you’ve been living in an uncomfortable environment for too long. However, getting stressed out actually works in your favor today since you Scorpios thrive on pressure. You are determined to exert control over your environment, but don’t go overboard with planning your activities.

Sagittarius: The day begins on a frustrating note due to a complete communication breakdown between you and your significant other. Your partner may overreact and interpret your need for more personal space as an implicit rejection. In any case, you must confront your partner and force him or her to respect your desires tonight.

Capricorn: You are slightly stressed out this morning because you have so many things to do. Take care of errands this morning and get them out of the way. Prioritize your agenda and address the most pressing issues first. When you run out of steam, don’t push yourself. Tonight you need some rest and relaxation.

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