Your Horoscope: Friday, January 1, 2010

Your Horoscope for Friday, January 1, 2010

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Your Horoscope: Friday, January 1, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo

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Capricorn: Happy New Year! As the moon enters Cancer today, you’ll want to spend time with a romantic partner. Partnership is definitely preferred this evening, when you could be feeling excessively sensitive and emotional.

Aquarius: Happy New Year! For a holiday weekend, it won’t be all that celebratory. The moon enters Cancer and time spent at home is most enjoyable. You may have a tendency towards brooding so be aware of your mood. Comfortable surroundings and a good meal will help keep your spirits up.

Pisces: Happy New Year! The moon enters Cancer and you are feeling very emotional and sensitive. If you are going to spend some time with your sweetheart today, it’s an excellent occasion to open up communication about what each of you wants for your relationship.

Aries: Today is a good time for seasonal cleaning as the moon enters domestic Cancer, making the home your main focus. You’ll be able to do a good job quickly and you will find some valuable possessions that you thought you had lost.

Taurus: Happy New Year! It’s a good day for hobbies as the moon enters Cancer. Get down to basics and work with your hands today. Get to work in the garden, or consider building a dollhouse for a kid you know. Try to build something for a child you know – or the childish part of yourself.

Gemini: Happy New Year! Take today to clean up and start with a clean slate as the moon enters domestic Cancer. Remember to step carefully around your partner’s space.

Cancer: Happy New Year! Of the people around you, you are in the best position to see what needs to get done and then get yourself motivated to do it. Not everyone is high-minded enough to be willing to dedicate their weekend to the facilitation of the common good.

Leo: Happy New Year! You may be reluctant to socialize today. Yet despite your desire for isolation, you may show your creative work to other people tonight, and you will get a lot of praise! However, if you are too attached to the idea of making money from this production, you may be disappointed.

Virgo: Happy New Year! The moon enters Cancer today and you’ll feel more sociable and outgoing that usual. However, you may experience painful recollections. Today you need harmony to help you deal with stressful situations at home. Getting things off your chest is a great help.

Libra: Happy New Year! If there is something in your subconscious bothering you, today is the day to do a little personal work. You need to face your internal psychological issues. You will have enough internal strength to stand up to what you have previously been shrinking from.

Scorpio: Happy New Year! Use this weekend to do something good for your community. Do something that gets you out of your self-centered mode. Take this opportunity to learn how enriching working beside other people can be.

Sagittarius: After yesterday’s high spirits, you would think that today would be fun as well, but no such luck. You’ll be feeling really sober for a Friday as the moon enters Cancer and brings an emotional vibe. This evening, you may focus on routine chores to avoid dealing with your feelings.

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