Your Horoscope: Friday, January 15, 2010

Your Horoscope for Friday, January 15, 2010

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Your Horoscope: Friday, January 15, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo


Capricorn: The moon enters harmonious Libra today, which inspires you about your career goals. The more in touch you are with your associates, the better working relationships you may establish. You could work late tonight, but don’t overdo it – you could burn yourself out.

Aquarius: You are especially imaginative this morning, and this afternoon you’ll be able to get those abstract ideas down on paper. This evening, indulge in a night out with a romantic partner. You’ll really enjoy each other’s company tonight and you could stay up late into the night talking.

Pisces: You’ll be very intuitive, especially this morning. Your ability to read people and see through superficial fronts may be a curse today, especially if you sense that someone in deliberately trying to deceive you. If this person is a close loved one, confront them about your feelings.

Aries: You’ll be in a very creative mood this morning. You may decide to get an early start on your weekend and take a half-day off from work. Just be sure that you have taken care of all your important responsibilities – otherwise you could regret it on Monday!

Taurus: You’ll be feeling very contemplative and you may need some time alone to sort through your thoughts today. You may need to really focus this afternoon in order to finish all your work before going home for the weekend. Spend a night out with friends to reward your hard work.

Gemini: Spend time pursuing artistic endeavors today. This afternoon, enjoy leisure activities. Tonight, if the pressure gets to intense at home due to tension between you and a family member or romantic partner, go out with some friends and let off some stream.

Cancer: You want to increase the flow of energy through your home, so make major changes in your household today. Explore feng shui, the ancient Japanese art of arrangement, as an aid in getting your home exactly as you world like it.

Leo: Your cell phone may be ringing off the hook all day – you may end up having to put it off the hook if you want to get any work done. This evening, catch up with a good friend over dinner. Don’t overindulge tonight or you’ll be sorry tomorrow.

Virgo: You may need to have a conversation with your spouse or romantic partner about money, especially if one of you has been spending way too much lately. Don’t be stubborn; a little compromise goes a long way.

Libra: Today, your feelings of satisfaction from creativity are heightened, and you’ll end the day feeling accomplished and happy. This evening, you may decide just to spend a quiet evening at home resting and relaxing, and maybe watching a movie with a friend or romantic partner.

Scorpio: As a Scorpio, you need to feel stable and secure in order to be truly happy. You may decide that it is time for to implement a plan of action to establish the security you desire. You should get your finances in order and start an aggressive savings plan.

Sagittarius: This morning, you’ll spend time contemplating a crazy plan you’ve come up with to achieve your professional goals. You may need to arbitrate a dispute that arises between two of your closest friends; try and calm them down before it spoils the evening for everyone.

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