Your Horoscope: Friday, January 29, 2010

Your Horoscope for Friday, January 29, 2010

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Friday, January 29, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo

Zodiac Clock

Aquarius: Today you’ll be focused on an important one-on-one relationship. Communicate your feelings to your special someone. Tonight plan a special activity for just the two of you. Deepening the bonds of a romantic relationship inspires your creativity.

Pisces: Today you’ll desire more beauty and harmony in your everyday environment. You’ll spend time today planning out the beautification of your home office or wherever you like to work. You’ll also be increasingly creative and imaginative today.

Aries: This is a great time for a vacation or an overnight getaway Try to make amends with your family – it’s your time to shine! You may feel as if you can do no wrong, but you must keep this feeling in check. Trust your instincts they will serve you well.

Taurus: Romance is very important to you now, so be sure to dedicate time to that special someone. If you feel insecure about the status of a romantic relationship, don’t avoid discussing your feelings with your partner. Tonight, spend a special romantic evening at home reconnecting with your lover.

Gemini: Use today’s expressive energy to search out new activities for you and your family. You may actually decide that this is what you need – a second home that you can escape to on the weekends when you want to get away. Brainstorm a plan on how you can accomplish this goal.

Cancer: You’ll also have a heightened sense of romance today. Your values and goals in life are changed by your romantic involvement, and you could desire to solidify the basis of your relationship in order to feel more secure and stable in your personal life.

Leo: Today you are extremely attractive to others, as well as charismatic, and self-confident. You’ll also be full of creative ideas, especially those of a romantic nature, for expressing yourself artistically. You’ll use your romantic experiences as inspiration for your artistic work.

Virgo: Today you’ll find yourself gravitating toward solitude and time alone. You are extremely intuitive today, especially about matters of the heart. You’ll want to spend time with your significant other this evening, and you should communicate any insecurities you may be harboring about your relationship.

Libra: Today your focus shifts to your friendships and social obligations. A romantic relationship is quickly developing and deepening in seriousness. You may feel somewhat insecure about a current romantic relationship; perhaps a serious discussion is in order tonight.

Scorpio: Today you’ll have increased luck in your career. You’ll be very imaginative and creative about ways to improve your career and advance toward your goals; be sure to take advantage of this atmosphere.

Sagittarius: Today you’ll feel more inspired creatively than ever. You’ll desire fun and excitement as well as romance. You also crave mental stimulation, so you’ll seek out love relationships in which you can relate to your partner on an intellectual level.

Capricorn: Today romance is the most important thing on your mind, and you’ll spend much of your time in pursuit of a new relationship or solidifying an existing one. Tonight plan a romantic evening for two – a candlelight dinner is a nice setting for some serious discussion as well as conversation.

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