Your Horoscope: Friday, May 14, 2010

Your Horoscope for Friday, May 14, 2010

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Your Horoscope: Friday, May 14, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo


Taurus: Today brings out your domestic streak, so channel some of that stress into household chores and other practical considerations. There could be some tension between you and a friend this morning; remind yourself of others’ limitations if you feel your expectations have been disappointed.

Gemini: The comforts of home are important to you today. You could have some inner tensions to deal with and its best to do serious thinking alone this weekend. The moon in Aries lightens up the mood, and your usually sunny Gemini personality manages to shine through!

Cancer: Mid-morning spend time transforming a creative work to compensate for changes you have undergone since you started it. For the next few weeks you should try to face your inner self and resolve any psychological issues that are weighing heavily on your mind.

Leo: Today is bound to be full of surprises, both big and small, from an unusual visit from a neighbor to a major publishing opportunity. Later this evening you could be irritable or grouchy because of the busy day; try to catch a catnap if there are evening plans on the agenda.

Virgo: You’ll wake up slightly tired this morning, however, the mood will pick up dramatically once you get out of bed. Today you’ll enjoy and optimistic and exuberant mood, with the moon still making everyone pleasant and cheerful. Romance, children, and creativity will bring you the most pleasure today.

Libra: The morning could bring some power struggles with your partner; let things blow over rather than fuel the fire with sarcastic comments. You could become aware of some deception by a lover tonight. Don’t jump to conclusions, your powers of perception are slightly clouded and your judgment may not be as sharp as usual.

Scorpio: Today may be a great day for some outdoors activity to stimulate your appreciation of nature. It is also a more introspective time for you, so try and choose an activity you can enjoy alone so you can have some time to think while pleasing your aesthetic desires.

Sagittarius: You’ll most likely be busy as a bee attending to domestic matters, such as home repair or modification. Your tastes are heightened now, so you could decide to work harder to make your home as comfortable as you’d like. You’ll be a powerhouse today on the home front. The evening will find you in a romantic mood.

Capricorn: This morning your critical faculties will be sharp. Spend time concentrating on revisions or reassessments of prior work; your editorial skills are at a peak. This evening, the moon creates emotional tension, most likely with the family, especially your mother. Try not to be too critical of loved ones.

Aquarius: Today is likely to be an uneventful day, with the usual domestic concerns being the order of the day. Wrap up any pending tasks this weekend so you can begin on a new project while the moon is still in a favorable phase. This afternoon and evening you are likely to be foggy and unable to focus.

Pisces: Today, confront your fear of the future and where you are actually headed, some surprise ruminations from your subconscious mind could provide the ego boost you need. Now is the time to turn inward and determine your emotional needs so you can attend to your worldly ambitions.

Aries: Today is an extremely active and busy day. You’ll feel pressured to accomplish a lot from early on in the morning, so by evening, you should be able to enjoy some peace and quiet. If you’ve been carrying something around with you that you need to get off your chest, do so tonight.

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