Your Horoscope: Friday, May 7, 2010

Your Horoscope: Friday, May 7, 2010

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Your Horoscope: Friday, May 7, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo


Taurus: Romance is on your mind all day long, making it difficult for you to concentrate on important tasks at work. Your creativity is stimulated this morning, so take advantage of your heightened sense of imagination to come up with creative solutions to problems on the job.

Gemini: Today’s astro-vibe increases your mental prowess and heightens your innate communicative abilities. Today is an excellent time to initiate negotiations with a business partner. Be sure to make your ideas absolutely clear to professional associates if you are engaged in a complicated business transaction.

Cancer: Be prepared for a spiritual reawakening of sorts this morning, Cancer. Emotional water signs like yourself are always in tune with the undercurrents running through our everyday lives. You could help a friend or family member sort through some difficult emotions this evening.

Leo: Money problems that have been plaguing you for some time may finally be brought to an end today. If you simply apply your analytical mind to the situation at hand you’ll be able to come up with a creative and workable solution. Deal with financial problems you’ve been neglecting this afternoon.

Virgo: You’ll arise feeling energized and motivated, especially when it comes to domestic matters as well as practical issues. Your mental clarity and organizational abilities are heightened all day long. Don’t let pressure get to you this afternoon; maintain your mental focus at all costs.

Libra: You are innovative and inspired by Uranus this afternoon. This evening, you’ll come up with a creative solution that may involve technology solve a work problem that’s limiting your productivity. Write out a to-do list this afternoon. Articulating your goals in a concrete manner will help you focus your energies more efficiently.

Scorpio: This afternoon, however, your perceptive abilities are at an all-time height. Take advantage of this current increase in your powers of intuition this evening and read between the lines when interacting with professional associates. If you have something to express to your coworkers, write out your thoughts tonight.

Sagittarius: Don’t let stress about work get to you today. Do some shopping with your friends – you could find some great bargains at a sample sale, for instance. Tonight, spend some time with your significant other just talking and connecting emotionally.

Capricorn: Today you have the discipline to establish new financial habits that will prevent situations where you are completely broke from ever happening again. The first step is transforming your attitude towards money and adjusting your value system.

Aquarius: The moon brings out deep emotions that you may choose to bury in your subconscious or instead express to a loved one. Getting negative feelings off of your chest will greatly improve your relationship and also your own state of mind; so tonight make an effort to talk to someone you trust about what’s on your mind.

Pisces: You are a powerhouse on the job today. Coworkers may envy your resourcefulness and attempt to undermine your progress; simply ignore them. Tonight, don’t be tempted by your productivity to keep working late into the night. Give yourself a break and go out with some friends for a drink or for dinner.

Aries: Today the moon energizes and motivates you to take care of mundane, everyday chores that you have been putting off. The early morning is the best time to focus on personal tasks, such as business phone calls, that you need to attend to in private.

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