Your Horoscope: Friday, November 13, 2009

Your Horoscope for Friday, November 13, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Friday, November 13, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

Zodiac Clock

Scorpio: The time is ripe for transformation, a major theme of your sign. That force is strongest Sunday – when the Sun in your sign squares visionary Neptune and your powerful ruling planet, Pluto, squares off with Saturn, challenging you to be the best you can be. If you can dream it, you can achieve it with hard work.

Sagittarius: Figuring out where you stand is important this weekend; it’s a time of intense reflection. Picking the brains of your friends and the people in your professional network will help you get your bearings; by understanding what matters to them, you’ll separate out your own priorities from the superficial stuff that only seems essential.

It’s no stretch to say that Sunday is potentially one of the most powerful days of the year for you, as friction between Pluto in your sign and your ruling planet Saturn fuels the fires of your ambition. This aspect will have an impact on your life for months to come, so don’t feel pressure to use up all your power immediately.

Aquarius: A perceived slight could lead to a bruised ego on Friday. Instead of a knee-jerk reaction, try to manifest your own power in a more meaningful way. By Sunday, you’ll realize the slight was in your imagination, and feel vastly more secure in your own status.

The weekend gets off to a relatively quiet start on Friday, before Saturday and Sunday bring an unpredictable energy to the atmosphere. Sunday, you’re called upon to summon an inner strength that gets you through turmoil. You emerge feeling more grounded and more aware of what you’re capable of achieving.

A power struggle with your partner could be brewing throughout the weekend, erupting on Sunday. Taking some space for yourself may be a good way to get through a time when you’re both touchy. Remind your loved one (and yourself) that when one of you succeeds, so does the other.

Your significant other is acting unpredictable over the weekend. He or she is experiencing some intense emotions and may feel overwhelmed. Sunday is the best time to compassionately get to the heart of the matter; things will go back to normal sooner than you expect.

Gemini: Your career aspirations may take a sudden jump to the next level over the weekend…but you could slide back if you haven’t set clear goals. Sunday, your ruling planet, Mercury, enters Sagittarius, inviting you to spend the next few weeks opening up the lines of communication with your partner—or, if you’re single, chatting up new prospects.

Cancer: There’s a sense that something profound is happening on a deeper level—especially on Saturday, when you’re deeply attuned to your spiritual side. Sunday is a day of reckoning when it comes to an important relationship. If you want to move forward with your future together on a more solid footing, you’ll need to do a little legwork.

The vibe is definitely volatile this weekend, but shaking things up is not a bad thing. A Friday lover’s quarrel over something silly will be resolved with a major kiss-and-make-up session on Sunday… Or, depending on your relationship status, you might just skip the make-up part and have a make-out session with someone new.

Virgo: On Saturday in particular, you have a commanding presence. Sunday morning, you get serious about your financial situation. But that afternoon, ruling planet Mercury enters Sagittarius, and for the next month or so you’ll see your everyday home life through the eyes of an adventurer.

Libra: There is a portentous energy in the air throughout this weekend. If there are changes you need to make in your life now, they will become urgently apparent. Sticking your head in the sand will just delay the inevitable: take the necessary steps to set yourself on a path of real growth and change.

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