Your Horoscope: Friday, November 27, 2009

Your Horoscope for Friday, November 27, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Friday, November 27, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Zodiac Clock

Sagittarius: Today you are more creatively inspired than you have been in months. If you are collaborating with a friend or colleague on a daring project, discuss your concepts with him or her to help you put your ideas into perspective. This evening, toss some ideas around with your colleagues; you’ll come away completely inspired.

Capricorn: Today everyone is expressive, outgoing, and energetic, and you’ll be in a great mood. Take some alone time if you need it this afternoon. Definitely get out of the house this weekend; you may meet someone attractive and interesting while out socializing with friends.

Aquarius: A difference of opinion between you and your significant other may escalate into a massive argument this morning due to underlying problems you have both been ignoring. This weekend, sit down and talk things over. You’ll be able to work things out – as long as you are both willing to listen.

Pisces: Today you’ll focus on your ideals, dreams, and hopes for the future. You’ll need to function in a somewhat restrictive or rigid structure today. If you simply get down to business and complete necessary tasks this afternoon, you’ll be relieved of most of your stress by nightfall.

Aries: Get your work done early this afternoon so you can enjoy a guilt-free evening of entertainment. This weekend is especially propitious for romantic encounters; a friend may introduce you to someone you are immediately drawn to this evening, so don’t blow off your evening plans.

Taurus: This morning you’ll focus on practical details. You’ll be especially cheerful and affectionate all day, and your romantic partner is the focus of your warmth and love. Don’t fall victim to wishful thinking or delusions about your relationship; though, take a hard look at it and come to terms with what it is this evening.

Gemini: You’ll feel self-indulgent and generous this morning, so do something you enjoy. Someone may try to force you to give in to his or her demands about what to do, so you may just be the best company for yourself tonight. Or you could compromise – do his or her activity tonight and yours later this weekend.

Cancer: This morning you may discover a new approach to solve some problem. However, you may still be preoccupied tonight. A heart-to-heart talk with a close friend could help you sort through some difficult emotions, but a short trip or longer vacation could be a great way to take some time for your deepest thoughts.

Leo: You feel balanced and confident today, and you’ll be especially productive with work this afternoon. You’ll be exhausted tonight, though so you may need to cancel your evening plans. Recharge your batteries tonight; you’ll have plenty of time for fun this weekend.

Virgo: Don’t be overly critical of others, especially anyone you are involved with financially, this evening. Money is likely to be the cause of tension this afternoon. This weekend, go out and socialize with friends– you‘ll get your mind off more serious issues and lighten your mood.

Libra: Your significant other may surprise you with some token of affection this morning. The late afternoon could find you engaged in a heated discussion, but you’ll enjoy the argumentative mood. Spend some alone time with your special someone this weekend.

Scorpio: Today is an active and busy day, especially around the house. If there’s something you’ve wanted to say to a lover or friend but haven’t had the nerve, get it off your chest today. You’ll feel much better once you vent your feelings.


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