Your Horoscope: Friday, October 2, 2009

Your Horoscope for Friday, October 2, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Friday, October 2, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

Libra: Today you feel active and energetic thanks to the Aries energy so take full advantage of this vibe to clear the decks and wrap up loose ends at work. On Saturday, the moon is full in Aries, spotlighting your emotions, especially when it comes to on one-to-one relationships, particularly of the romantic variety. You may feel the urge to assert yourself in a partnership, especially in terms of making your needs and desires known to your significant other. With your innate Libran diplomacy and desire for balance, you’ll be sure to do so in a way that takes the other person’s perspective into account.

Scorpio: Today is not an ideal day for getting a lot done; your mind may linger on this morning’s argument all day long. You may need to say what’s really on your mind this evening in order to find some peace of mind. On Saturday, moon becomes full in combative Aries, and there is a possibility that an argument may arise with a friend, possibly regarding money. Try not to let your intense emotions get the best of you.

Sagittarius: Early this morning you are feeling low energy and you just may scratch the normal daily activities. On Saturday, when the moon becomes full in Aries, however, you’ll suddenly experience a surge of motivation, especially when it comes to making progress on creative projects. You’re more in touch with your spiritual side this weekend, and self-analysis will enable you to gain a fuller understanding of your own innermost motivations and desires. Spend some quality time alone reflecting on your hopes and dreams for the future on Sunday.

Capricorn: You may be tempted to keep your innermost feelings to yourself out of insecurity; however, getting them off your chest by sharing them with a trusted confidante is a good idea right now. The moon is full Aries on Saturday, and your thoughts are clear and lucid. Socializing will be especially entertaining; conversation with friends is sure to be productive and illuminating. Your imagination is stimulated by interaction with like-minded friends and associates.

Aquarius: You are energetic and enthusiastic all day, summoning energy from deep within. You simply have the urge to wrap up loose ends and clear the decks as the workweek ends. You¹ll be able to accomplish many routine tasks such as running errands in the neighborhood or paying the bills with ease. Pressure may be mounting on the job and your efforts to complete unfinished tasks will bring relief and peace of mind. On Saturday the moon is full in Aries and you¹ll be inspired creatively to express yourself through a writing or other artistic project.

Pisces: Today you are able to sense energies in others more keenly than usual as the moon in Aries heightens your innate Piscean intuition. Others may come to you for emotional support or advice. You feel fulfilled in helping others right now. The weekend is pleasant, although you should beware of overindulging in food or drink. On Saturday, as the moon becomes full in Aries, you may experience some slight insecurity about your true feelings about a romantic partnership. You are hypersensitive right now, so wait until after the intensity of the full moon passes to make any decisions about a relationship.

Aries: You awake feeling refreshed and positive. Early in the workday, you could have some innovative, humanitarian ideas about how to reach the public. You get along well with those in power. Tonight, you’ll appreciate time spent with loved ones taking well-deserved relaxation after your high-powered day – or, being the energetic Aries that you are, you might even find it in you to go out on the town. On Saturday, you’re in a great mood as the moon becomes full in your Sun sign, Aries, which imparts extra discipline and motivation. Curb your natural tendency to use up your energy impulsively; if you’re able to focus you’ll get a lot done this weekend.

Taurus: This morning you are ready to be serious and tackle practical matters that have been weighing heavily on your mind. You are able to really work hard today, so take advantage of this energy boost while you can. The afternoon may bring some confusion or problems with communication and you experience minor difficulty concentrating. The evening is relaxed but beware of inflated or unrealistic ideas. The moon is full in Aries on Saturday, which puts the spotlight on your daily routine and your job. You may realize that it is time to put your foot down if you feel you have been taken advantage of by superiors or co-workers simply because you are such a workhorse.

Gemini: You may feel like connecting with friends and co-workers now; luckily the moon’s opposition to Saturn this morning helps you put the reins on your impulse to chat and helps you focus your energy and be more productive on the job. Later tonight, though, you could have a great time going out with friends. On Saturday the moon is full in Aries, and you’ll wake up feeling energetic and sociable. You have a strong impulse to make your mark in the social sphere this weekend; perhaps you decide to volunteer your time to a worthy cause or pursue some other humanitarian cause.

Cancer: Today you’ll be motivated and productive at work, thanks to the help of Saturn and Mars. Take advantage of this extra energy boost and try to wrap up loose ends at work before the weekend begins. The Aries full moon on Saturday motivates you to dedicate yourself to your career and spotlights certain tensions that may be developing between your home life and your professional aspirations. This weekend is the perfect time to work out how you can achieve more of a balance between work and home without sacrificing your dedication to either.

Leo: Today, think before you speak; you may say something you regret if you aren’t careful with the moon in impulsive Aries, your fiery Leo attitude is stepped up, as is your tendency to say whatever is on your mind whenever you feel like it. The moon is full in Aries on Saturday and spotlighting important issues, most likely conflicts, in your personal relationships. You are able to express your deepest emotions and insecurities to a partner this weekend, which will enable you to finally clear the air and relieve anxiety that has been plaguing you lately.

Virgo: This morning your focus is high and a productive mood enables you to finish tasks you’ve been putting off – now is not the time for procrastination. Your intuitive senses are extremely powerful today; don’t ignore your intuition when making important decisions. Later tonight you’ll communicate your feelings to a loved one. On Saturday the moon is full in Aries and you’ll focus on your deepest emotions and desires. Confront your innermost emotions: as uncomfortable as that can make you at times, an emotional catharsis will serve to clear the air in both your personal relationships and your inner psyche.

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