Your Horoscope: Friday, October 9, 2009

Your Horoscope for Friday, October 9, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Friday, October 9, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Libra: This morning you’ll wake up craving sensual pleasures as Mercury enters your Sun sign, Libra, which stimulates your imagination and steps up your desire for human contact. The mood is extravagant and optimistic, and you’ll hardly be able to concentrate on your work. Saturday is the best time to get any writing or creative work out of the way, since you’ll be articulate and clear in your thinking. This weekend is excellent for socializing and fun activities. You’ll also crave beautiful and luxurious surroundings; a visit to an art museum would be the perfect activity to satisfy your aesthetic cravings.

Scorpio: Today is a pleasant and harmonious day, and you should be able to make headway with a creative project, especially if you work closely with a one-on-one partner. There is the possibility that you could experience a clash of wills with either a friend or someone in your group this weekend, try to be patient and not blow your top. Time spent with a partner or lover is blissful; there is an easy flow of emotions between the two of you. You appreciate the love and support of that special someone and you feel secure and happy with the current state of your relationship.

Sagittarius: This weekend as Mercury enters Libra you’ll be full of ideas, especially pertaining to your career, and feel the need to communicate them. The moon in Cancer stimulates your creative aspirations and heightens your interest in enjoying the artwork of others. Relationships with children are favored at this time, as well as romantic partnerships. You’ll need to feel secure in your romantic relationships; your ability to simply be yourself with your partner dispels any temporary insecurity.

Mercury enters Libra this weekend and enables you to communicate effectively and honestly about your emotional values. You project warmth, harmony, and generosity today and everyone wants to socialize with you. Your emotions will be especially optimistic and expansive tonight – express positive thoughts to loved ones today. It is the perfect day to honestly communicate your emotions.

Aquarius: An excursion into your subconscious could be necessary as Mercury enters Libra today. As an Aquarius, verbal analysis always benefits you. Either talk things through with a friend, or if your problem is too intimate, discuss it with a professional analyst or health care provider. This weekend, you’ll be self-indulgent. Enjoy a luxurious evening at home, that’s where you’ll feel most comfortable and able to express yourself. Time spent with a lover or spouse is blissful tonight.

Pisces: Mercury enters Libra this weekend, so expect emotional ups and downs, especially late tonight when power issues could cloud either your or your partner’s judgment about your relationship. You’re quite vulnerable so be sure to try and keep your strong emotions under control. Temper tantrums, pouting and sulking will get you nowhere.

Aries: You may need to deal with relationship problems this weekend. If so, take care of them now while Mercury is in Libra, the sign of partnership, enhancing everyone’s ability to speak openly and honestly with their significant other. If you have a good opportunity to have an important discussion with your spouse, don’t put it off until later. Your desires are important, and you definitely shouldn’t put them second to those of your partner. Voice your inner emotions this weekend and you’ll improve a romantic relationship more than you even realize.

Taurus: Today, Mercury enters Libra and lightens your mood. You feel optimistic and happy. You may spend the entire weekend around the house, getting household chores done and making plans for the week ahead. You may want to be in natural surroundings on Sunday. A walk in the park may be just what will get rid of excess stress and satisfy your craving for the outdoors. Relax and enjoy a calm and mellow weekend.

Gemini: You’ll wake up this morning desiring the company and affections of close friends. You’ll have little self-discipline today. You’ll feel content and happy this weekend. You may want to go shopping, but don’t go overboard with your purchases. Personal relationships should be quite satisfying to you emotionally, and others will enjoy your pleasant and warm disposition. On Sunday you may come up with an innovative and interesting solution to a financial problem due to Mercury’s entry into Libra.

Cancer: Shy Cancers are more talkative than usual today, especially about your job, when Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Libra. You are able to express your ideas well, especially unique concepts which are hard to articulate and difficult for others to understand. You are optimistic about creative endeavors and you also display an honest, direct, and forthright attitude in professional dealings. On Saturday, the moon enters your Sun Sign, Cancer, and you feel self-confident and in control. The moon rules Cancer, so this position is especially important for you. Although you may be very emotional this weekend, you’ll also be extra motivated and productive.

Leo: Today you’ll be sensitive, especially where friends and associates are concerned. You are open, honest, and direct with loved ones this weekend as the moon enters sensitive Cancer. Today is a great day to express your deepest feelings. It is possible that you – or your partner – need more independence in a romance. Perhaps an impromptu trip away for the weekend – alone – for some solitude is a good idea. Mercury’s entry into Libra prompts you to have a heart-to-heart talk with your special someone on Sunday; you’ll both be able to get a lot off your chest and feel a lot closer after you both express your feelings.

Virgo: This morning you’ll be very productive, especially if you have any writing to do. The afternoon brings a hopeful and optimistic mood. You feel confident and enjoy boost in your self-esteem that enables you to better perceive the big picture, and your role in it. Just don’t succumb to overconfidence or self-righteousness. You’ll be able to accomplish whatever you set out to do this weekend, and collaborating or working in a group is especially favored. On the personal front, express any buried emotions that may be bothering you; you’ll feel better if you vent them rather than repress them.

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