Your Horoscope: Friday, September 4, 2009

Your horoscope for Friday, September 4, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Friday, September 4, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

Virgo: The full moon in Pisces spotlights a partnership issue, of either personal or business nature. This is the perfect weekend to express your deepest feelings to your special someone or another one-on-one partner in your life. Be honest with yourself and an important person in your life about how you really feel. It will be a great release to finally get repressed feelings off your chest.

Libra: Today you are energized by the full moon in Pisces, which stimulates your sector of work, day-to-day duties and responsibilities and health. You’ll be able to wrap up unfinished business at work with ease and efficiency, leaving you to fully enjoy your weekend with some leisure and relaxation.

Scorpio: The full moon in Pisces spotlights your creative endeavors and marks the culmination of all past efforts on a certain special project that has been in the works for years. You’ll finally be motivated and energized to wrap up an artistic project; take advantage of your productive mood this weekend. Over the next few weeks, prepare yourself to present your work to colleagues and higher-ups. If you play your cards right, you may be in for huge success.

Sagittarius: The full moon in Pisces highlights a domestic issue and forces you to deal with it head on. Tension that has been percolating for some time at home may explode into a full-on confrontation this weekend; use your diplomatic skills to resolve a dispute and bring harmony back to your household.

Capricorn: The full moon in Pisces stimulates your imagination and prompts you to express yourself creatively through photography, writing, or visual art. This weekend, satisfy your thirst for artistic and creative work by visiting a museum or attending a concert. You may be inspired creatively by the work of others, and on Sunday, if you concentrate, you could create a masterful piece of art.

Aquarius: The full moon in Pisces spotlights your financial situation and forces you to deal with pending problems that you have been ignoring for some time. You will have an unexpected lucky turn when it comes to money this weekend, but only if you are prepared and ready to receive it.

Pisces: There is a full moon in your Sun sign today, Pisces, which inspires you to let it all hang out. The full moon intensifies your usual intuitive nature and sensitivity, so follow your instincts and listen to your guy when making important decisions. This weekend, the spotlight may be put on a romantic partnership and matters may come to a head about your desire for a serious commitment from your special someone. This weekend, express yourself honestly and openly when it comes to your deepest feelings – you’ll be able to bring you and a loved one much closer to each other through some emotional bonding.

Aries: There is a full moon in Pisces today, which spotlights your innermost emotions – especially in terms of how you express them on a day-to-day basis. You may realize over this weekend that it is time to be more honest with not only yourself, but also those closest to you. Sunday is a great day for having a heart-to-heart with your significant other.

Taurus: Today your emotions are running high as the moon becomes full in Pisces, illuminating your hopes and dreams for the future. You have become discouraged about your creative and artistic endeavors lately, but over this weekend you’ll enjoy a renewed sense of self-confidence about your ability to express yourself creatively. Work on wrapping up a project you abandoned on Sunday; you could be quite inspired and make major progress.

Gemini: The full moon in Pisces spotlights your career goals and ambitions, and how you feel about your current professional status. This weekend, reflect on your hopes and desires for the future when it comes to your work. Take the time out to write out your goals and outline, step by step, what you have to do to achieve them.

Cancer: Today you will be an emotional wreck, as the full moon in ultra sensitive Pisces turns up your sensitivity as well as your intuition. While you are quite intuitive about the feelings of those closest to you, your own hypersensitive mood may skew your perceptions this weekend.

Leo: Today a financial issue finally comes to a head and is resolved as the full moon in Pisces injects some energy into your house of shared resources, investments, and finances. Use your intuition when making an important decision regarding a real estate or other major investment. Lady luck shines on you when it comes to contracts and negotiations this weekend; wrap business up before the Mercury station on Monday.

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