Your Horoscope: Monday, April 19, 2010

Your Horoscope for Monday, April 19, 2010

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Your Horoscope: Monday, April 19, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo


Aries: Today you’ll have big plans to do something fun and exciting. Go out with a group of friends or with your family and do something where you can enjoy the outdoors such as take a nature hike or go to the beach. You’ll be exhausted this evening, but it will be well worth it!

Taurus: As a Taurus you are a total workaholic and you may be tempted to work overtime today. Resist the temptation! Go see your family and friends: after all, they miss you! This evening, you’ll be so happy you got out of the house when you’re happily enjoying the company of loved ones.

Gemini: Today you’ll have a busy agenda, as you may be hosting a social event for work or personal reasons this evening. You’ll get up early today in order to prepare. This evening you’ll have a great time hanging out and really enjoy the company of your friends and colleagues.

Cancer: You’ll probably want to take a break from the everyday routine today. This afternoon or evening, you may have to attend a social gathering you’ve been looking forward to for some time. Don’t obsess about how you look or what you’re bringing, you’ll have a great time, although you’ll be tired.

Leo: Give yourself a break today by hanging out with a group of friends or visiting your family. If you have to work, try and finish up your responsibilities as quickly as you can so you can leave early and enjoy what’s left of the day. Go all out and look your best for a date with your special someone tonight.

Virgo: This week you’ll have difficulty getting your point across with clarity. You need to express yourself fully based on your own morals and ideals, not top please someone such as your husband or your boss. You have never compromised your integrity before; don’t start now.

Libra: You may have a hard time building momentum when it comes to your domestic duties and obligations this week. Try to focus on one task at a time rather than get completely overwhelmed by taking on too much at once.

Scorpio: Today you’ll just want to spend the day hanging around the house resting and relaxing. Spend quality time with your special someone this afternoon — your ability to communicate your emotions will be intensified. Tonight, you and your significant other will spend a magical evening together.

Sagittarius: Today is a great day to spend with your special someone. It is the perfect day to get to know someone by opening up and letting your emotions flow. You usually have a hard time getting in touch with your emotions but today you’ll be totally free and open.

Capricorn: If you must work today, attend to your responsibilities as early as possible so you can leave the afternoon free for fun and relaxation. Invite friends or family over for a spontaneous dinner this evening; you’ll really enjoy the conversation and company even if you don’t realize it now.

Aquarius: You may have a few different social obligations to attend this afternoon and evening, so you should get up as early as possible so you can prepare for a hectic day of obligations. Tonight, spend some one-on-one time with your special someone – you’ll enjoy each other’s company more than usual.

Pisces: Today you’ll just want to stay home with loved ones and rest and relax. You’ll have a great time with family this afternoon, so don’t blow them off even if you are feeling a bit tired. Tonight you’ll be exhausted but happy; try and get to bed as early as possible — you have a hectic week ahead of you.

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