Your Horoscope: Monday, April 5, 2010

Your Horoscope for Monday, April 5, 2010

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Monday, April 5, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo

Moon, stars and suns

Aries: Today your career is on your agenda, especially when it comes to your ambitions for the future. You desire to increase both your earning potential and your personal control over your work. Make your desires known to higher-ups and colleagues this afternoon.

Taurus: Today the moon in Capricorn gets you in a philosophical and contemplative mood. Reflect on your innermost feelings and thoughts by writing them out in your journal this evening. If you don’t vent your emotions somehow, you could experience conflict tonight.

Gemini: The moon in Capricorn brings finances front and center. You can make a major change in how you handle your money by doing some research this afternoon that will significantly increase your financial security.

Cancer: Today you and your special someone should make some time to work through some issues that have been causing problems in your relationship. You may need to simply drop some resentment you have been harboring in order to resolve a conflict.

Leo: The moon in Capricorn gets you in the mood to get major work done, especially when it comes to routine tasks and duties you have been leaving by the wayside. This evening, you and a family member may butt heads. Make some concessions or the sake of preserving the peace.

Virgo: The moon enters Capricorn this morning and you’ll be in the mood to express your creative side. Take the afternoon off from routine duties and tasks to work on a writing or artistic project. You’ll be able to make some major progress.

Libra: The moon in Capricorn makes you crave the comfort and security of home. You can hardly wait to get your work done and out of the way so you can enjoy the company of loved ones tonight. Be extra diligent when it comes to a report or assignment for work today.

Scorpio: The moon in Capricorn makes you extra communicative today, especially when it comes to an artistic project that you are currently working on. Collaboration is the key to your success right now, so be sure to keep those with whom you are working in the loop.

Sagittarius: The moon in Capricorn makes you more concerned about money than usual, and today you’ll take some action to increase your income. You’ll have extra luck when it comes to activities such as job hunting or interviews this afternoon.

Capricorn: The moon enters your Sun sign, Capricorn, today, which boosts your self-esteem and fills you with confidence. You’ll be able to assert yourself at work, especially when it comes to establishing your lead in a group project. This afternoon is the time to put an end to any insubordination.

Aquarius: The moon in Capricorn makes you more contemplative and introverted than usual. You may take a pass on going out with co-workers for drinks after work and instead go home to be alone with your thoughts. Reflect on your desires and dreams for the future tonight.

Pisces: The moon in Capricorn puts you in a more sociable mood than you have been in weeks so take advantage of it and go out with friends this evening. You’ll have a great time and also do some professional networking. You might meet someone who can help you advance in your career.

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