Your Horoscope: Monday, August 10, 2009

Your horoscope for Monday, August 10, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Monday, August 10, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

Leo: Your naturally extroverted, fun-loving qualities give way to a more serious frame of mind today. It’s not that you’ve totally lost your sense of playful lightheartedness, but it’s pushed firmly to the back burner as you grapple with major responsibilities. Working to shore up a sense of financial security will definitely help you sleep better at night. With that weight lifted from your shoulders, you’re free to become the life of the party once again.

Virgo: You’re the boss today, Virgo: Driven, determined, and organized, you find yourself naturally taking charge (and maybe even barking out a few orders). Others respect your authority now, even if they may grumble at being held to your high standards. Once they see through what you want them to do, though, they’ll appreciate the fact that you challenged them to do it perfectly. So, stand firm and don’t let anyone manipulate you into wavering.

Libra: Be prepared for a sudden outburst of emotion from one of your parents or superiors at work. Though you may be taken aback by the sheer force of pent-up emotion that emerges, it could end up being a valuable experience to see someone you look up to-and think of as being totally together-reveal a vulnerable side. The chance to switch roles and play the mentor, rather than the apprentice, teaches you something about your own strength.

Scorpio: You’ll gain a great deal of insight into your own feelings today-they’re suddenly so easy to analyze and compartmentalize, you could practically map them out in an Excel spreadsheet. Talking things out with friends proves especially valuable in terms of figuring out what it is you really need on a deep, base level. Even more important, you’re motivated to change whatever it is that’s not working for you.

Sagittarius: A big-time career upgrade could be coming your way, if you rise to the occasion of the challenges that are facing you now. Of course, your new advancements in your field could mean closing a chapter of your life and leaving behind a lot of memories. It’s totally okay to get emotional or even outright sentimental about the changes that are taking place in your personal life as well as in your career.

Capricorn: Today brings a tremendous boost of strength and dynamism to your already formidable energy level. Just don’t undermine your own potential to get things done now with nitpicking, second-guessing, or self-criticism. Your significant other or best friend is a great source of encouragement and motivation. Don’t hold back the urge to ask for support and soothing words. After all, you would jump to offer the same kindness if the situation were reversed.

Aquarius: Remember all those health-improving lifestyle changes you’ve been meaning to make since, oh, your New Year’s resolution? Well, though it may not be realistic to tackle every single one of them right now, today’s energy definitely does spur you to make inroads in pursuing at least one of your noble self-enhancement strategies. Start a regimen of going for a walk every day, call a quit-smoking hotline, or buy a cookbook about making healthy meals.

Pisces: If you need to lay down the law to your partner, today would be a great time to do it. You’re uncharacteristically assertive, especially if you’ve practiced what you’re planning to say with a trusted friend who gets you. As an empathic Piscean, you often give more than you take from a relationship, but right now you have a chance to stand up for what you want and deserve from a significant other.

Aries: Today is an extremely powerful day for Rams-as long as you exercise self-discipline and channel your energy constructively. Remain focused on seeing projects through to fruition; starting something new will just distract you from your main goal. Right now, you have a great ability to motivate others through your words (or to guilt them into doing the right thing). Just be careful not to let stress or overexertion wear you down physically.

Taurus: It’s a good day to get organized financially: File your expense report, balance your checkbook, and go through that months-old pile of wadded-up receipts that may or may not be tax deductions. Without nagging paperwork to-dos weighing on your mind, you’ll be in a much better position to relax and enjoy your leisure time-and have a much better sense of how much money you can afford to spend doing so.

Gemini: It’s not like you multitasking Geminis are usually lacking for energy, but today you’re practically on fire. Whether you’re tweeting every 15 minutes on Twitter or cleaning your house from top to bottom, there’s no slowing you down. Just resist the urge to get scattered; although you’re indeed adept at juggling projects, you’ll get better results by doing one or two thoroughly and methodically, than if you’re all over the place trying to accomplish seven.

Cancer: Cancers are known for being intuitive, and today your gift for probing others’ psyches is even more fine-tuned than usual. Chatting about trivial matters could quickly turn into a deep conversation about important life decisions. Whether you’re giving or getting advice, don’t hesitate to be blunt in spelling things out to your confidante: When something serious is on the line, you have a responsibility to not sugarcoat the harsh realities of the situation.

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