Your Horoscope: Monday, December 21, 2009

Your Horoscope: Monday, December 21, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Monday, December 21, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo


Sagittarius: You are in a gregarious mood all day, and you’ll bring happiness to everyone you come into contact with. You will also be very articulate today. Tonight, let your imagination go wild; you’ll never believe where it takes you.

Capricorn: Secret and intrigue surround your work environment and you don’t like it. Stay neutral and avoid taking sides. This afternoon, take some time away from everyone if you can. Tonight, meditation or yoga is the best way to relax and contemplate serious issues in your mind.

Aquarius: This afternoon, discuss your concepts with colleagues; this will inspire and motivate you to make abstract dreams a concrete reality. This evening, socialize and network at an industry event: you could have an opportunity to advance your personal career goals.

Pisces: The spotlight is on you at the workplace today and you may be recognized for a job well done. This afternoon, delve into your subconscious for inspiration. You may have a revelation that you simply cannot make sense of. Everything will become clear within the next few weeks.

Aries: Today you’ll have the travel itch: you could make an impulsive plan for this weekend or make a plan to travel far away for the holidays. This afternoon, you’ll be inspired about your work and it will do you good to share your vision with a trusted coworker or good friend.

Taurus: Inner thoughts and deep feelings come rushing to the surface today as the Moon enters Sagittarius. You may turn to a professional therapist to discuss what’s on your mind, but consider alternative therapy methods – such as astrology – this evening.

Gemini: A romantic partnership is your main focus today. At work, make your feelings known to your associates, especially if you disagree with a group about a creative decision. This evening, hang out with your significant other.

Cancer: You’ll need to take care of many responsibilities and tasks that you have neglected for weeks today. Consider hiring a freelancer to help you get through this pile of work. This evening, you’ll come up with a creative solution to solve a work problem that’s limiting your productivity.

Leo: Creative concerns take up all your time today. This afternoon, group dynamics will be excellent, so call any important meetings then. Tonight, spend some time with your significant other; some romance will certainly get work off of your mind.

Virgo: Take the time to get your home in order; you’ll be efficient and productive today, but you may feel like something is off at home. Take a break this afternoon to analyze your domestic needs. Whatever the issue is, you have the opportunity to make necessary changes today.

Libra: Your mind is working so fast today that no one can keep up with you. This afternoon, discuss a new concept or theory with a friend or associate. An outside perspective could prove to be the catalyst for your ultimate success. Tonight, communication is the key to mending a troubled relationship.

Scorpio: Financial matters are your main concern today as the moon enters Sagittarius. You’ve recently instituted a new budget and you may choose to evaluate it this afternoon. Some minor changes will bring great results and you’ll finally feel completely in control of your finances.

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