Your Horoscope: Monday, February 8, 2010

Your Horoscope for Monday, February 8, 2010

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Monday, February 8, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo


Aquarius: Shared resources are your focus today as the moon enters Virgo. You may be overly analytical or obsessive about money and finances. Don’t jump to conclusions about a partner’s expenditures or mismanagement of jointly held funds. Wait to hear his or her side of the story before you flip your lid.

Pisces: You may be feeling insecure in a romance and as a result, you are overanalyzing your significant other’s every word and action. This evening, spend time with your special someone. You’ll quickly realize that you have absolutely no reason to be worried about your relationship.

Aries: Today the moon enters the sign of super-organized Virgo, and you’ll be motivated to take care of chores that you have been putting off. This afternoon you may feel slightly under pressure on the job. If you feel that what is expected of you is unfair, confront your employers.

Taurus: Romance is on your mind all day long, making it difficult for you to concentrate on important tasks at work. This afternoon, financial pressure may get you stressed out. Simply take a deep breath and delve into your accounts and paperwork this evening.

Gemini: Today is an excellent time to initiate negotiations with a business partner. Don’t let stress about work get to you this evening. Tonight, spend some time with your significant other. The two of you have a lot to say to each other, and tonight brings the perfect vibe.

Cancer: Be prepared for a spiritual reawakening of sorts this morning, Cancer. This afternoon, your perceptive abilities are at an all-time high. Take advantage of the increase in your powers of intuition this evening and read between the lines when interacting with professional associates.

Leo: Money problems that have been plaguing you for some time may finally be brought to an end today. Deal with financial problems you’ve been neglecting this afternoon. You’ll feel accomplished and together by tonight after you clear the decks and set your finances in order.

Virgo: You may be put under the spotlight at work today as the moon enters Sagittarius. Don’t let another’s pettiness stress you out or even concern you. When a plan to sabotage your professional success backfires, an enemy may double their efforts to screw with you, so be on guard.

Libra: You may have one meeting after another all day long, and when you get some time at your desk the phone won’t stop ringing. You may need to go off somewhere alone in order to get any serious work accomplished. Tonight, you’ll get a lot more work done in the comfort of your own home.

Scorpio: Your future aspirations are on your mind today. You may be having a hard time balancing work and play, and as a result, you could be burning yourself out. Take a break from work this evening and just hang out at home.

Sagittarius: This morning the moon enters your Sun sign, Sagittarius, which indicates that it will be a stellar day for you. You’ll arise feeling energized and your mental clarity and is heightened all day long. Maintain your mental focus at all costs today.

Capricorn: Spiritual and intellectual concerns are on your mind all day long. You may be feeling as though you aren’t living up to your potential and as a result, you could feel down or depressed. Give yourself credit for everything you have achieved over the past few months rather than focus on the negative.

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