Your Horoscope: Monday, January 4, 2010

Your Horoscope for Monday, January 4, 2010

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Monday, January 4, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo

Zodiac Clock

Capricorn: Get your home office completely organized in preparation for important work you’ll need to do in the next few weeks. As a structured Capricorn you need complete and total order to feel in control and able to work efficiently. You’ll be a dynamo and accomplish almost everything on your agenda.

Aquarius: Today is the perfect day to tend to mundane chores that you have avoided for weeks. This afternoon, your mental faculties will be sharpened. Tonight, self-reflection will lead to a revelation about your practical needs and idealistic desires and how you can change your life.

Pisces: Today you may feel as though you need to communicate with others about your intense feelings. Explore alternative methods of communicating mental ideas such as stream-of-consciousness writing or speaking into a tape recorder. Ignore the judgments of others and pursue your creative endeavors on your own.

Aries: Your focus is on establishing greater security and stability in your life today. Explore your aspirations for the future and analyze your goals from a practical perspective. Consider allowing a partnership to grow. You want to forge ahead with your dreams, but try to avoid making any hasty decisions.

Taurus: Today you are determined to accomplish important tasks that you have been procrastinating dealing with. Innovative ideas may come to you this afternoon if you open your mind to unconventional concepts. Tonight, an unexpected revelation will help you make a difficult decision.

Gemini: Start making changes to your long-term agenda this afternoon in order to compensate for recent shifts in your values and goals. Now is the time to transform the direction on your life – both personal and professional – you have the will power to take control of your life.

Cancer: Today get your friends or family together to tackle a monstrous domestic task. This evening, take a few moments to yourself to simply reflect and contemplate. Tonight, socializing is a great way to get your mind off your work as well as just relax and have a good time.

Leo: You need to learn to think through important decisions and take your time. This evening, bounce some ideas about a work assignment off your partner; he or she will have insightful comments to help you improve your work.

Virgo: This morning you’ll arise feeling optimistic and determined to attack an academic project. You’ll be extremely articulate today, but if you encounter a psychological roadblock this afternoon, talking to a good friend or professional associate will help you get past it.

Libra: Today you’ll be concerned with financial matters as well as greater issues of stability and security. Now is a good time to do some future financial planning. You may come up with a creative solution to a money problem by using technology or resources available to you.

Scorpio: This morning may begin on a somber note as you are feeling burdened by your emotions. This afternoon, you may have an argument with your significant other about a financial matter. Tonight, sit down and work out a household budget with your spouse or romantic partner.

Sagittarius: Today you have the discipline and determination to accomplish a lot on a creative project. This evening, you’re full of nervous stimulation and you may need to go to the gym to vent some excess energy. Tonight, spend some time with your romantic partner.

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