Your Horoscope: Monday, March 15, 2010

Your Horoscope for Monday, March 15, 2010

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Monday, March 15, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo and Katherine Raymond


Pisces: Today brings a torrent of inspiration and myriad creative brainstorms, as the New Moon and Mercury’s meet-up with ingenious Uranus both coincide in your sign. You may have gone to bed feeling like you were all out of ideas, but today you’re having eureka moments all over the place. It’s a great time to start projects, especially ones requiring imagination.

Aries: Ever woken up from a strange dream and felt eerily like it was still infiltrating your waking life? That’s a bit like the vibe you’re experiencing now. It’s not that you’re sleepwalking through the day—in fact, you’re more highly attuned to what’s going on around you, and your sensitivity to what people are thinking borders on ESP.

Taurus: Your adventures in the near future may not be quite as strange as Alice’s in Wonderland … but you will be led down the proverbial rabbit hole by a cast of characters who are weird, whimsical, and in some cases mad as a hatter. (Yes, that probably just means your friends.) Embrace this quirky energy!

Gemini: With your quick-witted ruling planet Mercury conjoining think-outside-the-box Uranus today, you’re mentally equipped to take on unusual challenges. An esoteric worldview and the ability to put yourself in others’ shoes are two keys to your success today. As some wise divas once said, free your mind and the rest will follow.

Cancer: Early in the day, you have an ineffable sense of yearning but can’t put your finger on what it’s for: Intimacy? Spiritual fulfillment? Or just a free vacation to somewhere devoid of gray slush? This afternoon’s New Moon brings the goal of your quest into focus. If you can’t achieve it right away, you can at least dream up ways to pursue it.

Leo: A new cycle begins as your ruler, the Sun, merges with the New Moon in Pisces. You may find yourself venturing into murky uncharted waters—not your favorite place to be, as you Lionesses prefer to prowl on your own territory. However, you’ll emerge with a deeper understanding of your emotional needs.

Virgo: Your love life takes a turn in a surprising direction today. A bare-your-soul conversation with your partner could yield astonishing insights, and possibly even set the relationship on a whole new course. If you’re single, it’s a great time to forge a connection with someone you relate to on a spiritual level.

Libra: Just when you were starting to feel as though the long slog through winter would never be over, today’s New Moon breathes new energy into you, and allows you to find beauty amidst the blahs. You feel a bit like a crocus popping out from the snow. Creative expression, in whatever form you fancy, is good for your soul right now.

Scorpio: For someone who thrives on cutting straight to the heart of the matter, today’s energy is intriguing and invigorating. It feels like there are little mysteries waiting to be brought to light wherever you look, so leave no stone unturned. What you ultimately uncover will likely defy all your expectations, and may spark your imagination in new ways.

Sagittarius: Deep-seated feelings come to the surface today. You and your loved ones are unusually open to being, well, open with one another when it comes to expressing your vulnerabilities. People you know very well may say things that make you see them in a new light; even if you’re shocked at first, the true confessions lead to greater intimacy.

Capricorn: “Just the facts, ma’am” won’t get you too far right now. Communicating empathically will yield real breakthroughs. Really tuning in and listening, with your heart as well as your ears, can give you a lot to think about. New doors may open for you, offering access to realms you never expected to venture into.

Aquarius: Visionary Aquarians are seeing the world with fresh eyes today. Your spirit of innovation and eagerness to challenge authority will serve you well. Just be sure that you take other people’s feelings into account, rather than relying on pure logic to make a decision.

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