Your Horoscope: Monday, March 22, 2010

Your Horoscope for Monday, March 22, 2010

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Monday, March 22, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond


Aries: A window of opportunity opens wide for you today, as your dynamic ruling planet, Mars, forms a connection with ambitious Saturn. If you’re looking to pursue a romance, now is the time to go after the object of your attraction. You could end up forging an enduring bond with a true love.

Taurus: Making time for quality time is especially important today. You may have to set some boundaries at work in order to carve out space in your schedule for loved ones. It’s okay to be firm if someone tries to pawn off a last-minute project to you. As long as you cover your own workload, you have the right to have a life.

Gemini: Whether you’re landing a major business deal or bidding for vintage Star Wars action figures on eBay, negotiations that take place today are fast and furious. You really have to wheel and deal to come out on top; luckily, you enjoy playing the game. The Gemini way with words and figures will come in handy today.

Cancer: Whether or not you realize it, you’re a role model to someone in your family, and your behavior today can definitely have an impact on this person. Make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to create “teachable moments” that illustrate what you think is really important.

Leo: With energetic Mars in your sign getting support from Saturn, you find yourself naturally taking charge today. Your instinct is to act first and explain yourself afterward, and it’s working for you—people are convinced by the reasoned rationale you offer them, even if you came up with it spontaneously.

Virgo: You’re really digging deep under the surface today, with your willingness to delve into a passion you usually keep to yourself. Your directness may ruffle some feathers, but you’ll be able to smooth things over by turning on the charm. It’s more important to be true to yourself than to worry about other people judging you.

Libra: You have the power to inspire today, as authoritative Saturn in your sign lends you an air of great gravitas. Now is the moment to really light a fire under people, whether you’re advocating for a cause or just trying to encourage creativity. Others around you will follow your lead.

Scorpio: Inner confidence is your greatest asset now. You can actually look yourself in the mirror and form an honest and fair assessment of what you see—and that allows you to applaud yourself for what’s working and strive to improve what isn’t. Make a constructive effort to move forward right now.

Sagittarius: Colleagues and friends respect your judgment, and are ready and willing to hand over the reins to you now. Once entrusted with this responsibility, you’ll have to bust your butt to live up to it. But if you deliver on expectations, you’ll get a chance to work your way farther up the latter.

Capricorn: With your ruling planet, Saturn, vibing with assertive Mars in the sky today, you are feeling empowered, confident, and capable of taking on any challenge. At work your performance really shines now, so be prepared so that when higher-ups take notice of you. Your poise will make them even more impressed with you.

Aquarius: Passion and commitment are commingled in a relationship today. If you’re not already serious about someone, you may start getting serious now. Remember that mutual respect is the key to finding a fair balance between your needs and your partner’s.

Pisces: The energy today is very rah-rah, go-go-go, and if you don’t put in 100 percent effort, you may get left in the dust. But if you bring your creativity to bear in solving problems, you will definitely get ahead. Be just a little bit pushy when it comes to getting what you want.

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