Your Horoscope: Monday, November 30, 2009

Your Horoscope: Monday, November 30, 2009

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Your Horoscope: Monday, November 30, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

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Sagittarius: Today is a great day to simply take it easy, rest and relax. Rather than struggle to accomplish domestic chores and any other work you had planned for today, leave it for another day and have fun instead. Going with the flow will bring you the most joy today.

Capricorn: An unexpected visit from an old friend surprises you this morning. You’ll welcome him or her into your home, but you’ll be seething about ruining your busy day. Do your errands another day – you’ll have a great time catching up and hanging out with your long-lost friend.

Aquarius: You are unsure about the direction you are heading in your career. Discuss your insecurities and ambitions with a good friend or your significant other. Just talking about your goals will help you define and prioritize them.

You’ll feel pleasant today and be able to apply yourself to accomplishing work in the afternoon. You’ll get a lot done but you’ll be exhausted by evening. Chill out at home with your special someone rather than go out on the town; you need rest and relaxation tonight.

Aries: You may decide to keep your feelings about a romance to yourself, although discussing them with your special someone could be just what you need. This evening, your honey may express that he or she is feeling neglected by your self-absorption. Be sympathetic to your partner’s needs, but don’t make promises that you cannot keep.

You are a faithful and loving friend and you expect the same in return, but sometimes your expectations are too high. Learn to accept people’s limitations in order to have more fulfilling relationships. This evening, take the time out to show your close friends your appreciation for all their support and love.

Gemini: Today there is so much going on that you may find it difficult to concentrate on anything for very long. This afternoon you may feel the urge to get away from everyone and have some time to yourself. Some serious self-examination and reflection this evening will go a long way.

Cancer: Prepare yourself for miscommunication and confusion this morning. You may be caught off-guard by a surprise visit from a loved one. This evening, you’ll experience a surge of self-confidence, making it the perfect time to socialize or spend time with a new romantic interest.

Leo: Today, you’ll be even more self-indulgent than usual, especially when it comes to sensual pleasures. Surprise your special someone by planning an extravagant evening for just the two of you – champagne and a candlelight dinner will make the night perfect.

Virgo: Today is excellent for wrapping up any pesky tasks around the house or tying up any loose ends related to a creative project. You’ll be creatively inspired this afternoon. This evening, you must make time for your romantic partner. Forget about work and enjoy yourself tonight.

Libra: You are slightly stressed out this morning because you have so many things to do in so little time. Later tonight, heed the wise words of a family member. He or she may have some very valuable advice on how to approach and achieve your future aspirations.

Learn to let go of unnecessary habits that hold you back. If you continue to make excuses for yourself you will never accomplish your dreams. Go out and enjoy nature this afternoon: Only by letting go will you find the answers you are so desperately searching for.

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