Your Horoscope: Monday, October 5, 2009

Your Horoscope for Monday, October 5, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Monday, October 5, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo

Libra: The moon is void of course in Aries all day long, which could result in tension between you and a romantic partner. Trouble in your relationship is especially unsettling for Libras, who rely heavily on partners for support in all areas of your lives. Don’t blow things out of proportion, though, when the moon enters Taurus this afternoon you’ll experience an almost miraculous disappearance of all the tension in a romance. Don’t question it, just go with it.

Scorpio: The void of course moon may cause you to feel a lot less creative and motivated about a current project. Spend time today getting organized and tending to practical matters; if you aren’t making headway with a project it is best to set it aside for a time. This afternoon when the moon enters Taurus, channel the accompanying resurgence in your artistic abilities into making progress on an important project. You may even stay at the office late to get a head start on tomorrow’s work.

Sagittarius: You are a bit volatile and unpredictable emotionally today as the void of course moon brings out your innermost insecurities. You may feel isolated or lonely, and that usually bubbly Sagittarian persona may be replaced by a despondent and withdrawn stranger. This evening, when the moon enters Taurus, though, you’ll shake off any lingering depression and put any doubts to rest with ease as the atmosphere changes, and your mood changes with it.

Capricorn: Nothing gets a Capricorn frustrated more than not being able to accomplish the tasks set out on your agenda, but today you may have to be a bit more flexible as the void of course moon throws unexpected delays and setbacks your way. Instead of working against the current, change your focus; catch up on email correspondence or clean off your desk. By the time you are finished, the moon’s entry into Taurus will dispel the unproductive atmosphere and you’ll be able to quickly get back to work and accomplish at least some of the daily tasks you set out to do this morning.

Aquarius: The void of course moon in Aries will affect your ability to communicate with coworkers, colleagues, and friends today. As difficult as it may be for you super-social Aquarians to go it alone, today is the perfect day to close the door to your office, turn off your cell phone, and concentrate on tasks that you can accomplish all by yourself. The moon’s entry into Taurus this evening will restore your characteristic Aquarian social skills and ability to collaborate effectively with others.

Pisces: The void of course moon today may cause false starts and delays that frustrate you, especially where finances are concerned. That is okay, there is no sense banging your head against the wall by working against the natural flow. This afternoon, the moon’s entry into Taurus will bring a renewed sense of motivation and energy, especially when it comes to practical matters, so wait until then to get on with those tasks.

Aries: Today nothing may seem to go your way as the moon goes void of course in your Sun sign. Your mood will be a bit volatile and even aggressive this morning; try to resist an urge toward confrontation for the time being. By afternoon, however, the moon enters Taurus, and refocuses your energy on practical matters such as your finances, which takes your mind off of negative thoughts and emotions.

Taurus: The void of course moon in Aries may have your inner emotions in turmoil all day long. You could be fixating on a certain decision; if you aren’t making progress figuring out an important issue, put it off until you are thinking more clearly. The moon enters your Sun sign, Taurus, this afternoon, which recharges your emotional and intellectual batteries and enables you to shake off the doubts and insecurity that plagued you earlier in the day.

Gemini: You could have an argument with a friend or perhaps your spouse early this morning that could sour your mood for the entire day. The moon is void of course in Aries all day, which makes it difficult for you to express your thoughts and feelings verbally. This is especially frustrating for usually articulate Geminis, but just chill and wait it out – by late afternoon the moon enters Taurus and you are able to find your center emotionally. Some self-reflection and contemplation may be necessary before discussing an important issue with a loved one.

Cancer: Today the moon is void of course and this is especially frustrating for you where professional matters are concerned. Don’t get discouraged by setbacks at work; be patient and by this afternoon, when the moon enters Taurus, you’ll once again feel in charge and in control professionally. Use your connections and professional network to advance your agenda; reaching out to a trusted colleague could be the perfect solution to a problem.

Leo: The moon is void of course in Aries today and you’ll feel off your game in a strange, abstract way. Don’t let it get to you; take a break from high-pressure activities and relax; this influence will pass by afternoon when the moon enters Taurus. You may feel depressed this afternoon and it may be impossible to gain the cooperation of others. Try not to let your fiery Leo temper out of control, it is best to take the current conditions in stride. Impatience and anger will only cause more problems tonight. Spend time alone and go to sleep early tonight, as you prepare for the coming week ahead.

Virgo: The moon is void of course in Aries and you may experience setbacks, delays, and miscommunication at work. Be clear when communicating to co-workers; and don’t take aggression from others personally. This afternoon, when the moon enters Taurus, your focus turns to finances. You may get a great idea about how to come up with some extra cash.

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