Your Horoscope: Monday, September 28, 2009

Your Horoscope for Monday, September 28, 2009

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Monday, September 28, 2009

-Margaret Santangelo and Kitty Raymond

Libra: Today, be prepared for tension at work. Certain associates may take a decidedly aggressive tone with you; don’t let others upset you. You may feel frustrated with your career situation; try not to let negative thoughts dominate. This evening you may be able to communicate your feelings to others and get important feedback that improves your mood and changes your perspective.

Scorpio: Today your imagination is stimulated and you are quite imaginative. Ideas formed within groups are the focus of your mental energies now and you may spend time developing concepts that are not yet fully formed. Creative energy flows extremely well within groups, although misunderstandings may arise, so be sure to clarify any complicated concepts to everyone involved.

Sagittarius: Today your thoughts are on the future. Your focus is on the practical side of your life; you may be thinking about future stability – both emotional and financial – very seriously. You are able to think clearly tonight; think over important decisions. Spend time alone with your thoughts late tonight.

Capricorn: Today you may desire to expand your perspective through different experiences. Now is an excellent time to plan a vacation; you may need to get away for a while. This evening you may meet someone unusual, perhaps a foreigner, who may spark your romantic interest.

Aquarius: You’ll wake up ready to go this morning with the moon’s entry into your Sun sign, Aquarius. You have your agenda set, and today you have the opportunity to do every last task on that to-do list. Spend the morning working, and by afternoon you’ll be able to enjoy some idle time with your thoughts. Your goals and aspirations require some examination tonight.

Pisces: Today false starts and inconsistencies may annoy you. Try to put work off if possible, until later tonight or tomorrow. The moon enters Aquarius, which really mellows you out. Socializing with friends is entertaining and fun this evening. Late tonight you may get stressed out about financial responsibilities.

Aries: Today you may come down off the energy high you were experiencing for the past few days. As your mood winds down, so do your emotions. You may be apprehensive and nervous this afternoon. By evening, you may feel completely insecure and unhappy, especially where relationships are concerned. There may be some disturbance at home, try to work things out without losing your temper. You may be disappointed in yourself; try not to beat yourself up too much. Remember that true love may be a rose – but all roses have thorns.

Taurus: This morning you are able to express your feelings for your partner eloquently and accurately. Your intuition is amazing this morning and you can sense others’ feelings with uncanny clarity. The moon enters Aquarius today, and you are emotionally charged and experience unusually intense feelings about a partner. Your color for today is dark green.

Gemini: This morning you may be feeling frustrated about finances. You may be spending excessively and extravagantly; try to curb outrageous purchases. A methodical approach on the job is your best bet. You express yourself well today, schedule meetings and important telephone conversations for around noon. Later this evening you will enjoy time spent relaxing at home with loved ones.

Cancer: Today may be a frustrating day for you.  You may feel depressed because you are unable to express your emotions clearly. Miscommunication may be a problem this afternoon. Try to sort through complicated feelings before you present them to others. Tonight you will probably go to sleep early after an emotionally stressful day.

Leo: Today may be a frustrating day for communication.  You may feel depressed this afternoon and it may be impossible to gain the cooperation of others. Try not to let your fiery Leo temper out of control, it is best to take the current conditions in stride. Impatience and anger will only cause more problems tonight. Spend time alone and go to sleep early tonight, as you prepare for the coming week ahead.

Virgo: Today you are quite frustrated over finances. You may be feeling helpless and powerless; you simply can’t stick to a budget. Try not to focus too heavily on your shortcomings. Instead, perhaps you may need a short-term loan from a friend or family member. Today you should completely organize your finances to determine exactly where you stand. You may discover that the situation isn’t so bad after all.

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