Your Horoscope: Thursday, April 22, 2010

Your Horoscope for Thursday, April 22, 2010

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Your Horoscope: Thursday, April 22, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo


Taurus: Make important phone calls from the privacy of your own home when you have an hour or two to yourself this morning. Try not to schedule any important meetings or conference calls this afternoon. Be sure to keep your temper under control, no matter how much pressure you are under, this evening.

Gemini: This morning is the best time to begin negotiations with a potential business partner. Make your ideas absolutely clear to associates this afternoon. Don’t take stress about work home with you this evening. Tonight, time spent with your special someone is excellent.

Cancer: Today, Venus, the planet of beauty and love, enters your Sun sign, Scorpio. You’ll be even more attractive and appealing to others than usual. This evening, you may have a minor spat with your significant other. Be sensitive to your special someone’s feelings tonight.

Leo: This morning it may be impossible for you to get any work done from home due to constant interruptions. You’ll get much more accomplished if you are alone, away from distractions. This evening, wrap up your work early so you can spend time with your special someone.

Virgo: This morning you’ll wake up feeling energized and motivated, especially when it comes to professional responsibilities. Don’t let stress get to you this afternoon; maintain your mental focus. This evening is the best time to take care of practical tasks you’ve been putting off.

Libra: This afternoon, financial pressure may get you stressed out. Don’t worry; you’ll be able to come up with a solution if you just sit down and think about it. Tonight, focus on details and assess the situation by overhauling your budget, projecting future expenses, and balancing your checkbook.

Scorpio: You may make more than one mistake at work today so be careful. Give yourself a break this evening and leave work on time, rather than working overtime like you usually do. Your significant other will be psyched to spend a night hanging out with you; he or she misses you more than you realize.

Sagittarius: Your future plans are on your mind as you arise this morning. If you¹re having a hard time balancing your career and your relationships it may be time to make some changes. Try not to spend so much time working for the next few weeks, your special someone may be feeling neglected right now.

Capricorn: Today your mind if on your emotions. If you are single, you may be wondering why. Don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself — get out there and socialize special. If you are involved with someone, you may be feeling insecure. Don’t worry, you are just in a paranoid mood, especially this evening.

Aquarius: Money is your focus today. Don’t jump to conclusions about a partner’s expenditures or accuse him or her of spending too much money. Wait to hear his or her side of the story before you say something you’ll regret. You’ll feel much more relaxed tonight if you go out and unwind.

Pisces: You could feel as though you aren’t living up to your potential and you could feel down or depressed this morning. Give yourself credit for everything you have accomplished in your career. If you need to, discuss your feelings with a close friend or your significant other. You’ll be in a much better mood tonight.

Aries: Today you’ll be energized and motivated to take care of mundane chores that you have been putting off for days. This afternoon you may feel under pressure at work and you may be tempted to do something rash, like quit your job. Confront your employers another time, when you have that Aries temper under control.

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